Diane Kruger talks about how Brad Pitt helped her overcome her insecurities surrounding the fame she achieved with ‘Troy’ | Movie

Guest at the Zurich Film Festival (via Variety), Diane Kruger had the opportunity to reflect on her career, starting with the film that made her a face known to the general public, Troyin which she plays Helen of Troy.

Here are his memories:

The studio didn’t necessarily want to hire me. Wolfgang (Petersen) fought for me. They thought I was too skinny or something. I had to fly to Hollywood for an audition, they put me in a suit and tried to make me “rounder.” It was one of those moments when you’re sitting in an office full of older men looking down on you. I felt like I was being presented in a way that was completely different from who I was.

When she started filming, it seemed to her that she was in another world:

It was fun, but it was a circus. The shoot was huge, with paparazzi flying in helicopters waiting for Brad Pitt. It was crazy! When the film came out, the German press treated me very harshly. They found my father, whom I had not seen since I was 13 years old. They made up stories. It was really hard.

She felt “very insecure and very sad” when the film premiered in Cannes, finding relief through Brad Pitt, main character of the film:

I thought: “Will it really be like this forever? I can’t stand itor.” Brad saw that I was upset. He came to my room and told me: “I heard some things and I want you to know that you are one of us now. Don’t let him win“. He was incredibly kind. It really changed a lot for me.

After 5 years, Kruger again finds his colleague in Inglourious Basterds Quentin Tarantino, where she plays Brigitte von Hammersmark, a famous German actress. The part that even in this case he had to fight for:

Tarantino didn’t want to hire me. He wrote it for someone else, he needed someone “real German”, and I thought no. I had to fly to Germany at my own expense, and he asked me to learn 15 pages of dialogue in German and English. It was incredibly challenging and I had two days to prepare, but I knew I was right for the role. I got there and Quentin said, “You can have your script.” I said, “I don’t need a script.”

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SOURCE: Variety

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