Disabled man excluded from Taylor Swift concert, minister Locatelli intervenes: “To have fun is a right”

Milan – “Attend a concert, see a show and to have fun is everyone’s right.” He points it out on Facebook Minister for the Disabled, Alessandra Locatelli, intervene in an open discussion Sylvia Stoyanova, The 35-year-old Milanese excluded (for now) from Taylor Swift’s July 2024 concert at the San Siro. Another activist also addressed her directly, Valentina Tomirotti. “In September, at the Ministry of Disability Affairs, I will be organizing a working table for a serious and comprehensive discussion with all the main actors involved and interested in this issue,” announces Locatelli. In order to increase accessibility and not only, it is necessary to guarantee the full use and participation of all in music and entertainment events, in life! I am convinced that we can do more and better to guarantee the right of everyone to have a free and independent pastime, and also that everyone can live better and develop their hobbies.”

“My name is Silvia, I am 35 years old, I live in Milan, I am a girl in a wheelchair and I am alone big fan of taylor swiftStoyanova says in her social media post, then explains that even though she bought a VIP ticket for the event, she won’t be able to get into the San Siro precisely because she’s wheelchair-bound. The purpose of his appeal, filed on Change.org Platform (which has already collected more than 35,000 signatures) is to convince the organization of the concert install additional space for people with disabilities allow more people with disabilities to participate in the event. “Fortunately, in Italy,” he explains, “we have a precedent thanks to a girl who fought for a second platform for the disabled in the arena of Verona, so we know that this is possible.”

Journalist and activist Valentina Tomirotti

Journalist and activist Valentina Tomirotti

Secondly, an activist and journalist. Valentina Tomirottiwhich sued the Arena di Verona and Vivo Concerti over the Coez show, seeking the construction (by the end of the year) of a new platform also with the legal support of the association Luca Coscioni and the lawyer Gerardi, “a collection of signatures to draw attention to the problem of accessibility of concerts for people with handicapped was very good, but It’s time to report.”

“I understand Silvia,” Tomirotti added, “and I know how she felt, but my advice don’t stop collecting signatures which are usually nicely ignored, but which condemn the situation: what Sofia Righetti and I did now sets an important and useful precedent for changing things elsewhere as well.” The call to combat discrimination and barriers to equal access to culture is also addressed to Rome: “In Italy Ministry of Disability Affairs: also take responsibility for the more playful aspects of the lives of people with disabilities so that such activities are not reduced to a minimum. Concerts or events are often the only form of socialization for people. Minister Locatelli it needs to be activated: we are tired of second-rate treatment. People with disabilities are people, political actors and economic actors like everyone else.” And now it Locatelli’s reply came.

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