The Story of England’s Rebellious Princess Margaret

this princess daisy He’s one of the most acclaimed characters on the show crown for his Indomitable, rebellious and bold characterbut their paddiction problem They brought him various ailments that he had to deal with throughout his life.On her 93rd birthday, we tell you about her life Countess of Snowdon.

Margarita Rose Windsor was born on August 21, 1930 in Glamis Castle, Scotland. She is the daughter of King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, which is why she has been considered a British Royal Highness and Princess since birth.

As a child he showed great singing talent, but over the years he was affected by smoking addiction.

Princess Margaret played by Vanessa Kirby in earlier episodes crown. Photo: Screenshot.

At the age of 20, he fell in love with captain peter townsendHe’s his father’s assistant, but apart from the fact that they’re married, there’s a series of events that complicate their relationship, such as the 16-year difference between them. Even so, they maintained a secret relationship for several years.

The princess decided to “put obligations above personal life” and ended their relationship.She tried to move on with her life, hiding her pain from Townsend with a life full of joy, but She was horrified when she found out he was engaged to a 19-year-old Belgian girl.

Faced with such circumstances, Margarita decided in 1960 to marry photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones, which no one expected until the youngsters decided to make their relationship public. We’ve only known each other for a little over two years Although his relatives were not too happy about him being a commoner, they had to accept his decision.

But his passion for photography didn’t change, and from then on, Margarita began to complain that she couldn’t understand why the young man didn’t like to stay in the palace, and he started leaving unpleasant insults to his wife. note except ignore the agreement Next is the royal family.

Princess Margarita falls into depression, low self-esteem, so she eventually lost her unique joy.He took refuge in alcohol and tobacco because it was said He smokes about 60 cigarettes a day Before noon, he had already drank a glass of vodka and half a bottle of wine.

That’s when she started drinking heavily and became short-tempered. Still, she was married to Anthony for 18 years until they divorced in 1978, becoming the first family member to file for divorce since their marriage. 1540 King Henry VIII.

That’s when he began to experience the torment of drug addiction. And a series of diseases such as hepatitis, gastroenteritis and even pneumonia. In 1978, the disease afflicted her, After 7 years, they had to have part of their lung removed for cancer.

He began to lose vision and mobility on the left side of his body, and a frosty relationship with his family exacerbated his health problems until he died in London on February 9, 2002, aged 71.

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