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But there is a story that is inextricably linked to the current direction of design, and that is what tells the short story. The Pipers Club of Turin lasted only twenty-three months from November 1966 to July 1969.. Despite its short life, the club earned its place in the nightlife of the city during the years of the youth revolution. Inspired by the club of the same name in Rome and radical experiments, it was a creative space with vibrant colors, flexible and ever-changing. Designed by Giorgio Ceretti, Riccardo Rosso and Pietro Derossi (those in the famous Praton of Gufram!), was a place of utopia, the idea of ​​a space that goes beyond mere entertainment, offering a place for creative expression and cultural discussion.

Studio 54 in Manhattan, 254 West 54th Street. (Photo by Michael Norcia/Sygma via Getty Images)Antoinette Norcia/Getty Images

In the same years, the 9999 group develops Space Electronic in Florence, Hugh La Pietra invents Bang Banga disco bought in a boutique, and in Forte dei Marmi the UFO group designs Bamba Issa, inspired by the 1951 Mickey Mouse cartoon Donald Duck and the Magic Hourglass. In the 80s, the public went crazy for Afro rhythms, and pop music experienced a moment of glory thanks to the success of Madonna. These are the years of high-waisted jeans, bouffant, hair gel and Campero order. But it was in the 90s that there was an explosion in the popularity of discos, become real temples of freedom and fun. Places like the Ministry of Sound in London and Pacha in Ibiza are starting to dominate the scene, offering a mixture of electronic music, innovative design and immersive audiovisual productions. The music was really for everyone and maybe someone remembers it, some halls were often open even during the day so that the youth could dance and have fun in a safe environment. Inside these boxes, created for entertainment, extravagant and unconventional, boundless collective rituals were carried out. such as after-hours parties (parties that started after clubs closed and continued until the next morning), midnight-noon parties. (events that happened in the middle of the night and continued until noon the next day) and events that lasted even 24 hours.

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