Discovering the Cub Cut

Among the spring trends, the cub cut promises to be one of the freshest. Natural styling and bob lengths are the main characteristics.

We’ve already said it: 2023 is the year of short cuts, paraded cuts and the now so famous bob, with all its variations. And the cub cut aligns with all these trends, presenting itself as a new bobanother yes, which stands out for some fundamental details.

Some pioneering celebs have already tried it

As always, celebs are the forerunner for this trend. We find some cases of cub cut ante litteram for example in Billie Eilishwhen she sported a bright blond, or in the model Cathy Wolf. For both, the cub cut was in a soft version, a well-shaded soft blur, with fringe for both.

What is cub cut

We can define it as a mix between shags cut, wolf cut And bob. It has the lengths of a bob, with the lightness of a shag and the bold styling typical of the wolf, in fact the perimeter is cut with a razor. A bob give her suggestions from the eighties, but which draws a grunge inspiration from the Nineties, thanks to clear scales that give body and movement. A cut that retains the versatility of the bob, adds freshness and pleases with its free-spirited look that doesn’t require too much effort in maintenance. In short, the right cut for spring.

Versatile on any texture

Thanks to its layered structure, it can be easily adapted to the specific characteristics of each one: from the shape of the oval to the desired length, up to the different textures (curly, wavy, smooth). Furthermore, it is possible to add accessories such as bangs or a tuft to make the most of the facewhich with the cub cut is highlighted above all at the cheekbones.

How to manage styling

The diffuser is certainly the most suitable tool for obtaining a light, natural final result that enhances the scaling. Straighteners or heat brushes are less suitable, as they tend to render shinier hair, an effect that contrasts with the lightness and spontaneity of the cut. To get more volume you can apply a volumizing spray before and a texturizing spray as a finish.

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