District 13 makes Piazza Fazzini dance. Big success Grottammare August 15 – picenotime

The August 15th celebration in Grottammare does not disappoint, and for the third year in a row, the joint venture between Artistic Picenum and the municipality of Grottammare turns out to be the winner. The crowded square, like never before, became the venue for a super pop rock concert, beautifully interpreted in 150 minutes of performance.

Thanks to the energetic and magnificent voices of the two soloists Manila Lupini and Gloria Ghali, accompanied by a group of excellent musicians, he has created for himself an extensive Italian and international musical repertoire.

The 2000s disco medley came in handy, with super hits that made tourists dance to the beat of Corona, Eiffel 65, Acqua, Gigi D’Agostino, Vasco Rossi, Katy Perry and many other catchphrases. Also appreciated were rock music from the 50s and a popular mix of the 60s with dedications to Gianni Morandi, Little Tony and Gino Paoli.

In short, a multi-faceted cover band that is de facto considered one of the most prestigious and professional in central Italy.

Kermess was introduced by Luca Sestili and saw the first greeting from Mayor Alessandro Rocchi and Deputy Lorenzo Rossi, with the cultural delegate Rossella Moscardelli present in the square. Giuseppe Cameli, president of Artistic Picenum, adds to his comment about summer 2023: “ We wanted to offer originality, youthful enthusiasm and quality innovations in the program of the pearl of the Adriatic. It was a tedious goal in terms of artistic search and not an easy one in terms of finding economic resources, but I think it was fully achieved in the end. I thank the large audience that has followed our living multicultural reality and we sincerely hope that we can continue to be the protagonists with our ideas in our city, and above all, I sincerely want to repeat this for the benefit of our city..”

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