Djokovic talks his relationships with athletes: Tom Brady, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Nikola Jokic



Djokovic securely advances to quarterfinals

The Serbian defeated Gojo 6-2, 7-5, 6-4 and will face Taylor Fritz at the U.S. Open.

After winning the Round of 16 at the 2023 U.S. Open, Novak DjokovicThe ATP world ranking is No. 2 and will return to No. 1 next Monday. via microphone during a news conference in Flushing Meadows. There he spoke in various topics about his relationship with athletes from other disciplines, with whom he has a very good relationship.

“Yes, I try to maintain and cultivate relationships with athletes from different sports because as an athlete, of course I identify with them, I identify with what they are doing and I can understand their pain, sacrifice and dedication. I respect Great people, especially those who have reached an all-time high in their respective sports. These are the people you want to be around. You want to learn from them because you never know, something could Very inspiring, like “my relationship with Tom (Brady) is,” Balkan said.

He later went on to talk about his relationships with other athletes: “Without a doubt, Zlatan (Ibrahimovic) is my favorite footballer. His Balkan mentality is very familiar to me, although it may be to the rest of the world It seems weird. I understand very, very well. I’ve known him for 15 years. Nikola Jokic, he’s the best basketball player in the world right now. He’s an amazing guy. Everybody talks about him Amazed by his skills and what he does on the basketball court. I’m not an expert, so I can’t say too much about his game, but I’m a big fan of his.”

“Obviously, for a Serbian basketball player from Serbia to dominate the NBA is something that doesn’t happen very often. I don’t think it’s ever happened in the history of Serbian basketball that we have the best player in the NBA.” His conclusion to his fellow citizens was the incredible “We all love him and we support him”.

Finally, Djokovic said that he follows current events in the entire sports world: “There is a basketball world championship going on right now. We are in the quarter-finals. I follow that. I try to stay up to date with all sporting events. Volleyball . The World Athletics Championships are a few weeks ago. Of course, I will be following it. That’s my area. That’s my area of ​​life. I understand what they’re going through. I admire a lot of them.”

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