Do you know how much a salad costs at Briatore’s Twiga? Here is the price revealed

Want to know how much a plate of salad at Twig’s or a Margherita pizza cost? Just read below to find out.

TO Marble Fort there is a place that is considered miraculous: Twiga. Its fame is due to the fact that it is constantly visited by many famous people and people of a certain social status. At this point, you wonder how much it costs to go for lunch or dinner at the Twiga restaurant, which, as everyone knows, belongs to Flavio Briatore. To understand this, let’s look at what we find on the menu and the relative prices of the dishes.

Entrepreneur from Briatore

Briatore was born in 1950 and is one of the most charismatic and famous Italian entrepreneurs. He also had a connection with the world Formula 1especially with the Benetton team.

He is among the richest people in the world, and the entrepreneur’s personal life has often been in the spotlight.

Indeed, Briatore had romantic ties with quite famous women, among whom was Naomi Campbell, but also Heidi Klum and Elisabetta Gregoraccifrom whom he had a son.

Gossip world aside, let’s look at his investments in the hospitality and luxury entertainment sector.


In fact, few people have ever heard of the famous place in Porto Cervo: Billionaire.

The style of this place typically mediterraneanand sits on top of a hill. Its strong point is the beautiful view from which you can admireCosta Smeralda.

But it is also quite an elegant club where guests are not deprived of good food and entertainment.

Twiga: what is it?

Among the owners of Briatore there is not only “Billionaire”. As mentioned earlier, the entrepreneur owns a truly exclusive structure located in Forte dei Marmi: Twiga.

This is really a wonderful beach club where to find them. up to 45 Arab tents complete with 2 bar counters and a shower cabin.

Don’t miss the relaxation area with massage stationsswimming pool, personal trainers and hairdresser.

To all this we add a car rental service and boat booking box, planes and helicopters. In short, Twiga is by no means an ordinary place, but a true experience.

All menu prices Twiga

It’s time to talk about costs. If we go to the website of the restaurant, we will find them detailed down to the smallest detail, with different courses making up “Beach menu“And”Lunch menu“.

How much does a downtime cost? Pizza MargheritaSo with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil? 18 euro. Instead, who wants to eat a pretty plate spaghetti with clams or clamshe would then have to pay 30 euros for it.

Curious in “Beach menu”, we find that a plate of fusilli with meat sauce costs 28 euros, and a plain one with tomato sauce. 20 euro.

Instead, there are more dishes on the Lunch Menu. Large selection of sashimi, sushi and maki rolls. Prices are coming from 12 to 28 euros.

Flavio Briatore


There is no shortage of salads starting at €20 with a Dubai salad (consisting of eggs, chicken breast, datterini tomatoes, carrots and mixed salad).

Pincimonio is the most expensive salad (€30), consisting of stewed artichokes, mixed vegetables and hard-boiled eggs.

Let’s go see the desserts now. Twiga Tiramisu it costs 14 eurosand for the same price you can buy it millefeuille red fruits and Chantilly creambut also for other desserts.

Now anyone who is tempted to stop by Twiga for lunch or dinner knows how much they will spend on pizza, salad or tiramisu. What about fish and meat for the main dishes?

Beef fillet with green pepper or grilled it costs 45 eurosa dish of tuna with capers and cherry tomatoes 42 euro. cover, however it costs 5 euros.

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