Do you know who Megan Fox’s ex-boyfriend is? There seems to be a rapprochement between them.

Machine gun “Kelly” ex-boyfriend Megan Foxactress Mrs. new girl who recently stated that she has a bad relationship with her body and suffers from dysmorphia bodily. The two broke up in February last year. spotted together in Hawaii. Am I on a break to think? In the meantime, let’s learn more about him and their history.

Megan Fox

Who is Megan Fox’s ex-boyfriend

Machine Gun Kelly alias Colson BakerHe was born 1990 and this singer, actor and rapper American. He was the interpreter of very successful songs such as Bad deeds and the rap devil. During his career, he released six studio albums and divided his time between being a rapper and a pop punk performer.

The actress and singer met on the set of a movie. Midnight in millet. The two have been a permanent couple since 2020 and in 2022 the official engagement arrived, with a ring that Coulson made for her personally. The marriage proposal was also accompanied by a kind of ritual, a gesture of drinking from a vial of one’s own blood.

The 33-year-old musician has a daughter. Casey2009 year of birth. On the other hand, Fox has three children born from her marriage to her colleague. Brian Austin GreenStory by: Noah, Bodhi Ransome, and Journey River Green.

Separation and rapprochement

news about break Between the actress and Machine Gun Kelly was given last February by US magazine Weekley after Fox deleted all photos with Coulson Baker from her Instagram account. The actress also posted with a link to beyoncé song focused on cheating. The post was later deleted, as was his account, which has now resurfaced. It seems that the reason for the breakup was the discovery of messages on Coulson’s smartphone.

Now it seems that the singer and actress are still communicating … this is the first step towards convergence?

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