Doda and Smolasty broke the bank. Leveled up Miley Cyrus’ post. This didn’t happen!

Doda and Smolasty mogą swiętować kolejny success. When the song “Nim zajdzie słońce” was my premiere, randomly or once a week, it can be associated with a big hit when people are humiliated at some point. Teledysk do emocjonalnego utworu wygenerowal ponad wa miiony odsłon w zaledwie dobę, co bylo sporym zaskoczeniem for the most artists. Ani Doda, Ani Smolasty do not have wives, who are often faced with such an irresponsible choice. As soon as you can read or publish it, the wide clip “Nim zajdzie słońce” will appear at number 1 in the category of the most popular TV discs on Polish YouTube. To jednak nie wszystko! Artystom recorded Miley Cyrus’s latest album with the mega-hit “Flowers”. The play will pay for the billboards trzech najważniejszych notowań muzycznych in our country. With such persons, such people as “Nim zaidze slonce” cannot be discussed.

DODA and RESIN or swim to the single!

Doda and Resin as Miley Cyrus

With your number Doda and Smolasty broke the bank. “Nim zajdzie słońce” primarily in Polish radios and the de facto leader of the notation of Goronets 20 Radio ESKA. The artist is listening to the latest Miley Cyrus record. I want to know more pierwszym polskim utworemwho knows everything related to the three most important song lists in Poland: OLiA, OLiS or Poland Songs Billboardu.

If you are an administrator of Dodi’s fan club “Doda-Music”, you will find more information about the history of music. Wow!

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