Flu vaccinations underway at Zamora residence

Flu vaccinations underway at Zamora residenceAnna Briza

influenza, Coronavirus Or both together.More than a hundred people live in the residence Domus Vie Porta Nuovo This year they launched the event for the first time in Zamora Vaccination. Professional team from nearby Puerta Nueva Health Center.


Zamora 66,057 doses of flu vaccine will be provided in a campaign that starts in residential settings on Tuesday and will be expanded to the general population on the 10th General Scheduled immunization dates are the same among target groups Coronavirus diseaseeven though the vaccine is administered independently.


Health Minister Alejandro Vázquez reported in Zamora that activities in the province of Zamora and other regions of Castile and León have started completely normally.

staff sanitary Social health departments will be able to administer both vaccines in their localities center work, by reference to occupational health services; for the rest population 60 years old and above, or those under 60 years old and with risk factors, place Where and how they can get vaccinated citation In each health sector, according to its social, demographic and health status.

anyway, reserve Vaccinations can be requested through the usual channels a few days before October 10: Sacyl Connect App, everyone’s phone number Clinic And in Web portals Health Authority of Castile and Leon.

Flu and coronavirus vaccinations are respected For people 60 years or older, for those bigger Children aged five and others living in disability centers and nursing homes institutionalized long-term institutional residence closure; For persons under 60 years of age, the factors are risk due to illness; for pregnant Women in any trimester and during pregnancy puerperium; for cohabitants of immunosuppressed people; for him staff Public and private health and social care centers; for those working in basic public services, For example, national security forces and agencies, firefighters or civil protection authorities, etc.

In addition to the above, it is also recommended that people get a flu vaccine. childish 6 to 59 months old.this is one novel In the Immunization Calendar of Castilla and León. Children 6 to 23 months will be vaccinated by intramuscular injection Children between 24 and 59 months of age will be vaccinated by Intranasal.

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