Dodge Cat to headline the Victoria’s Secret World Tour.

For Doja Cat, as for Victoria’s Secret, a big moment is approaching. The American singer and rapper, two years after the release of the album “Planet Her”, will present her new music on a US tour starting this Halloween. Similarly, the world’s most famous lingerie brand is getting ready to return to the scene after its last screen appearance in 2018. On this occasion, Victoria’s Secret has chosen to accompany the singer Woman, named the headliner of the world tour. , airing September 26 on Prime Video. Harper’s Bazaar spoke about this in an exclusive interview with Doja Cat.

“Victoria’s Secret has always been such a fun and inspiring brand to me from the beginning, and I love talking about it to this day,” the singer said. “Being a part of a global phenomenon like the Tour has been an incredible experience.” In addition to performing on the show, Dodja Cat helped create a number of looks that will be featured on the show, including a nude latex dress that she designed with the Victoria’s Secret team and creative director Brett Alan Nelson. “Because the Tour is a celebration of the power and unique talent of creative people,” Doja Cat continued, “we really wanted to convey that message through this image. I felt so strong and confident in these jewelry.”

The singer told Harper’s Bazaar that she wants to give her fans a taste of her new music during the show, but without too many expectations. Doja Cat also reflected on the concepts of sensuality and beauty, stating that for her “sexy is being comfortable in your skin and celebrating who I am” and adding that “being on tour really helped me understand that.” .

Photo credit: Instagram profile @victoriassecret

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