Does discoloration hurt? Myths and urban legends about hair

Today we talk about false myths. One of the mantras that we have always been told since we were little is that bleaching burns your hair. Then there’s also the one about hair, that after you shave it the first time you’ll have to do it forever, because more will grow back. But that’s another story. But let’s focus on hair bleaching.

Myths, false beliefs and urban legends we grew up with
How many times were we warned growing up about discoloration? We wouldn’t feel like denying the fact that sometimes this advice came from the same hairstylist. Give up some lightening in favor of keeping your hair healthy. This is the first false myth that we at Capellystile have to dispel. In fact, if you put yourself in the right hands, you won’t run into any nasty surprises.

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It should be kept in mind that as there are many ways to indicate a particular shade of blonde, there are also just as many ways to bleach hair. History teaches: how not to run into that orange hair so common in the 90s? Well, you need to contact a color professional, abolish all home kits and refuse the services of friends who improvise the trade.

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Hair bleaching at home? Absolutely not!
The second myth to dispel: “The finer the hair, the better it is not to bleach it to avoid incinerating it”. Mistake. Guess which hair is easier to treat? That’s right, it’s precisely the thin ones that allow lightening more easily. While thicker hair remains more difficult and often needs more bleaching in a row. And we come to the third and final false belief: “If the hairdresser does an impeccable job, then I’m safe”. No, no and still no. Password? MAINTENANCE. Once we get home after the deco, the ball will fall inexorably between our feet. In fact, you will have to do your best through the use of specific products capable of nourishing, thickening and polishing the hair.

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Without forgetting one of the most important skills: keeping the blonde shade at the top. Green light therefore to the anti-yellow lines, the organic one by Alkemilla is highly recommended, but also to homemade masks. The mask made with cassia is excellent, it thickens the hair and nourishes it (to be done once a month, we’ll tell you why in an in-depth analysis). In short, bleaching the caps

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