Doja Cat Explanatory T-Shirt featuring Neo-Nazi Sam Hyde

Doja Cat (aka “the female Matty Healy”) has made some provocative moves over the past year while releasing and promoting her new album. Scarlet, but even she knows when she’s gone too far. The “Balut” rapper posted an apology on her Instagram Story for offending some fans by wearing a T-shirt featuring one of the alt-right’s most popular figures.

Doja posted a photo of the T-shirt on her Instagram feed, but after she was told it featured Sam Hyde, a comedian accused of being a neo-Nazi, she cropped it and reposted it, removing part of it. this allowed fans to see a photo of Hyde on the shirt. Initially, it seemed like she wouldn’t comment on it.

However, in a post on a fan account on Twitter, an alleged post on Doji’s Instagram story wrote: “Guys, I literally had no idea who this person was. I bought this shirt at a charity sale. I thought it looked cool because he was holding a gun and I have a single coming out next month called “Gun.” Sorry.”

Unfortunately, it looks like this may be a fake post created by a fan account (this is exactly the kind of weird behavior that Doja spoke out against last year). Some eagle-eyed fans reported that it definitely looked like Photoshop, while others seemed to take it at face value.

This incident certainly highlights one thing: how much more stressful public life has become in recent years. Even something as simple and seemingly harmless as wearing a T-shirt can be seen as a political statement, even if unintentionally. Regardless, Doja isn’t the first star to make this mistake, and she probably won’t be the last. One can only hope that the hated figures and their ideologies can be pushed back into the shadows where they belong.

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