Dom Pérignon’s creative dialogue in the campaign with Lady Gaga

An exciting mix between the music star Lady Gaga and the illustrious French brand of wines and champagnes Dom Perignon. A partnership born in 2021 with the aim of merging the talent and charisma of the multifaceted singer with the latest revelation of the label: the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013. The new advertising campaigndirected by the innovative Yoann Lemoine, French singer-songwriter and director known as Woodkid, has the cloister as a backdrop of the Abbey of Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers, a place of significant historical importance for the brand which is immortalized in all its majesty by the acclaimed Italian photographer Mario Sorrenti. A story of the highest quality, through the stillness of the shots, the dazzling light of the subjects and the dynamism of the intense performance choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. A collaboration that turns out to be a riot of art, creativity between the musicality of the background notes and glimpses full of history.

Dom Perignon Lady Gaga Advertising Campaign |  Life&People Magazine

Violins and piano merge triggering the movement of the dancers

The initial shot of the video highlights the common denominator that binds the American artist Lady Gaga to the prestigious French label. The ambitious project takes up all the evolutions dictated by Woodkid in a dynamic way: the shadows become light, the sun illuminates the cloister and the Dom Pérignon label, synchronized dancers who come alive on the notes of Lady Gaga caressing the piano.

Dom Perignon Lady Gaga Advertising Campaign |  Life&People MagazineThis commercial celebrates the process and the journey

The years of long maturation to obtain the Dom Pérignon become a real creative act for Vincent Chaperon, the same one that takes care of a composer, an artist, a director with love and patience, before seeing his work achieve success. The singer’s performance tells the brand’s ethics: the common thread that links the French label to Lady Gaga is a deep love that manages to touch the strings of the soul.

Dom Perignon Lady Gaga Advertising Campaign |  Life&People MagazineThe aesthetic ideal begins in the 17th century with Dom Pierre Pérignon’s promise to produce the “best wine in the world”, managing just then to arrive at the court of France, supplying the house of King Louis XIV. Pérignon decided to dedicate his life to the art of viticulture and winemaking, today the brand is among the best in the world. The cultivated vines are composed of three main grape varieties of the Champagne region: chardonnaypinot noir And pinot meunier, uno Champagne of the highest historical level which, with this new collaboration, takes on an intense added value: the artistic one.

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