“Don’t Touch the Rocky Statue”

Singer Adele bought the villa of the famous actor Sylvester Stallone for $58 million. Now the singer is renovating the whole house, but there is one point, because of which the deal could fail. Stallone asked the singer who the statue is Rocky Balboa, one of the most famous characters played by an American actor, was never filmed. Stallone, according to the DailyMail, would say, “I won’t compromise. If the statue disappears, I won’t sell anything.”

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Work in progress

Negotiations for the sale were completed in 2022. The property measures 18,587 square meters, enough space for the singer, her boyfriend Rich Paul and their 11-year-old son Angelo, whom she shares with ex-husband Simon Koneck. In recent months, Stallone has told the American press that: “I love what he does (Adele, ed.), he makes her beautiful.”

Stallone rated the villa at $110 millionand then reduced the price to 85 million dollars before accepting Adele’s offer.

The main house has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, including a master bedroom, three spacious en-suite bedrooms and two maid bedrooms. The luxurious master suite includes a sauna, a steam bath and an office with a terrace. There is also a two-story guest house with two en-suite bedrooms and a fully equipped chef’s kitchen designed by Richard Landry. In addition, there is a professional cinema and a cigar room with an air filtration system. There is also a Rocky’s home gym.

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