Wow! Selena Gomez praises the ‘flawless’ Beyoncé, highlights the importance of iconic figures such as Beyoncé and Adele; Says: “My jaw dropped”

MUMBAI: Selena Gomez may be one of the biggest names in the music business, but she doesn’t consider herself an unattainable celebrity. The 31-year-old is currently working hard on her new album and her cosmetics company, Rare Beauty. She recently returned from France after the … Read more

Show in Albinea until tonight

Today is the last day to visit the Adele Davoli painting exhibition in Albinea. On September 2, in the presence of Mayor Nico Giberti and the artist, the opening of “Stories from Life” took place. Lines, colors and compositions” Adele Davoli. In recent weeks, Davoli’s … Read more