Show in Albinea until tonight

Today is the last day to visit the Adele Davoli painting exhibition in Albinea. On September 2, in the presence of Mayor Nico Giberti and the artist, the opening of “Stories from Life” took place. Lines, colors and compositions” Adele Davoli. In recent weeks, Davoli’s works have been displayed in the administration room, and the solo exhibition, which is part of the Fola fair’s program, will be open to visitors until today. The author, a former art education teacher, has always studied the human figure and through this exhibition wanted to address important themes such as “the other of us” understood in both Asian and African contexts, and how other figures such as war refugees, ” all wars.” ‘, ‘motherhood’, ‘old age’. There are also many portraits. “This exhibition,” explains Davoli, “can be considered a continuation of the 2014 exhibition. Even then, I argued that it was not of my own free will that I was parting with what I was doing: in fact, the only works that I no longer have are the portraits that I donated to the reproduction. This is a careful study of form, and I have always tried to penetrate into the peculiarity of the an object in order to capture its irony, attention, sweetness, liveliness.”


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