Dragon Ball, is Goku more famous than Elon Musk? The 10 most Googled people in the world


Dragon Ball it is not only a work that redefined the mold for the battle shonen genre, but also one of the most popular and influential productions in the world. Akira Toriyama has succeeded where no one before him. Even those who are not interested in the medium know the fame of Goku and the Saiyans.

Over the past 30 years, moms and dads from all over the world have satisfied their children by allowing them to watch Dragon Ball adventures on TV and buying dolls and other themed merch. But How far does Dragon Ball’s popularity go? As evidenced by a last, very great, very distant goal.

Glimpse has compiled a ranking of the 100 most searched people on Google in December 2022. This statistic sees Messi and Pele occupy the top two positions, with the Argentine protagonist of the victory at the 2022 World Cup and the Brazilian who tragically passed away in the last days of the month. Behind them, unattainable for searches, alla sixth position of the most searched people on Google is Goku.

Goku is more famous than the likes of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, The Rock and Elon Musk. This is especially surprising because Goku is not the main protagonist of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, where he appears for a very short time, and after the manga break he was replaced by Goten and Trunks in a prequel narrative arc to the film that sees them as absolute protagonists . With the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime, Goku’s popularity is set to grow even further.

Source: Glimpse

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