Drake announced his temporary retirement due to health reasons. What disease did he have?

It’s not all laughs and partying for the rapper Drakebecause just hours after releasing “Gently,” his collaboration with Bad Bunny, musician Announced temporary retirement from the music industry Because you have to take care of your health.

Drake made the scathing revelation on his SiriusXM show “Table of One,” which left his most loyal fans shedding endless tears.

According to the celebrity, he will be stepping away from the stage for at least a year to address long-term health issues affecting him.

“perhaps I won’t be making music for a while.I need to take care of my health First of all, I will discuss this issue soon,” he said, adding that he had “I had the craziest stomach issues over the years. “I’m just saying what it is.”

“So I need to focus on my health and I need to do the right thing and I’m going to do that. I’ve got a lot of other things I want to focus on,” the Canadian rapper added.

“I’ll lock the studio door for a while. I don’t even know (how long). Maybe a year or so, maybe a little more“Drake reiterated, in case anyone wasn’t clear.

Dark’s announcement follows the release of his new eighth album, For All The Dogs, which contains 23 songs and features guest appearances from Bad Bunny, Sza, 21 Savage, Chief Kee and Sexxy Red. Artists perform together.

While Drake revealed he had stomach issues, he didn’t specify whether he suffered from gastritis, ulcers or another condition.

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