Demi Moore’s $113 Million Film Exploded So Much That She Was Instantly Branded Box Office Poison Overnight and She Won 6 Razzies

Actress Demi Moore is known for her impressive filmography. The actress rose to fame in the 1980s and became a true icon of that era, but that doesn’t mean Moore didn’t star in any flop films. In the mid-1990s, Moore agreed to work in Andrew Bergman’s 1996 film. Striptease.

Demmy Moor
Demmy Moor

Known as one of the worst films of all time, Striptease ruined Moore’s reputation as an actress in the film industry. The actress did not give up and continued to restore her status as a talented star. Since then, the actress has not tried to find roles, but this film slowed down her career.

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1996s Striptease ruined Demi Moore’s career

Demmy Moor
Demmy Moor

In the 1980s, actress Demi Moore became a global sensation thanks to her strong screen presence, charming personality and remarkable acting skills. Her 1990 film. Ghostwas a huge success, grossing $500 million worldwide on a budget of just $22 million.

At the peak of her career, Moore received a salary of $12 million and agreed to star in Andrew Bergman’s 1996 film. Striptease, not knowing that it was one of the worst decisions of her life. Despite her iconic performance as Erin Grant, the film was a complete failure.

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Demi Moore was called “cash register poison

Demmy Moor
Demmy Moor

With a budget of $50 million, the film grossed $113 million worldwide. It was panned by critics, resulting in six wins at the Golden Raspberry Awards. Moore suffered the most as people called her a “loser.”cash register poison.The Disney studio even questioned its place in the 1997s. Soldier Jane because of her bad reputation. At the time, one Disney executive said (via the Daily Telegraph):

“We don’t know what to do. People just don’t want to see her. We’d have to drag them kicking and screaming to see this movie.”

Soldier Jane this too was a failure, and Moore knew it was the end of her career. She remained out of the limelight for some time and then began playing small roles in many films. Even though at one point she was one of the most recognizable and respected actresses in the industry, one film completely ruined her career.

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