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Drake returns: His new album, For All Dogs, will be released on October 6. (postponed, was supposed to be released September 22). This is certainly one of the most anticipated hip-hop albums of the year, with fans in particular wondering what musical path the artist will take this time around. “Honestly, Nevermind” turned out to be an unexpected, colorful and electronic record, while “Her Loss” was darker, rapier and conflicting.. This isn’t the first time Drake has shown off excellent surfing ability on influences or even impose them: “For all dogs,” what wave will it ride or create? Many are hoping for a return to the roots, to the mood of albums such as 2011’s Take Care, in which he showed he could move from the streets to the clubs with intelligence.

The Toronto rapper also premiered the project’s first single, complete with cover, during his latest show in Austin. Drake has premiered his new song “Slime You Out”.. “Tonight in Austin, Texas, I’m going to reveal something I haven’t talked about yet,” the rapper began from the Moody Center stage. I know you can’t wait to hear the album. I know it won’t be long now. I’ll let you listen to an unreleased play,” he continued. The cover of the first single, “For all the Dogs”, features Halle Berry covered in green slime. at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Drake tagged SZA in a post shared on social media, and the singer-songwriter responded by sharing this image, confirming what many had guessed: feat between two. The work, even if at first it was unclear when it would be released, was published yesterday and takes thoughts ten years ago, precisely to the sounds “Take care”.

In terms of the collaboration, Drake hinted that the new project would feature a piece made with Nicki Minaj. Minaj also revealed some details, speaking briefly about the upcoming song during an Instagram Live session. “The song I recently recorded with Drake made me feel like we were on Nicki Minaj TV on Lil Wayne’s tour.. Those were fun and beautiful times, weren’t they?” the rapper said. Not just music: Drake published his first book of poetry this summer. entitled “Headlines Ruin Everything: Stream of Consciousness,” a volume written in collaboration with Kenza Samir., the rapper’s friend and songwriter, and was introduced by Drake himself on his Instagram profile. “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted people to buy something like this so much in my life,” the rapper wrote, also confirming the release of “For All Dogs”: “Do you miss the old Drake? Do not provoke me. Here’s my new album”.

In addition, the singer also acquired large pages of major US newspapers (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle) to promote and sponsor the book. The day the New York Times and other publications published the article “Names Ruin Everything.” advertisements appeared with a QR code above the image of two puppies and the inscription “For all dogs.” Scanning the QR code took you to a website with the following message: “I created a book album.”. Drake also unveiled the new album cover, designed by his son Adonis Graham. For all the Dogs follows Her Loss, the latest album the Canadian voice produced with 21 Savage and released in November 2022, it was preceded by the solo project “Honestly, Nevermind”. The two projects, as written, are very different from each other. Both albums reached number one on the Billboard 200.. Drake certainly didn’t shy away from talking this summer: he took advantage of the article. “Collapse”contained in the band’s new album Travis Scott, “Utopia”to criticize Pharrell Williams: he is taking aim at his new position at Louis Vuitton as creative director of the men’s line, which was previously held by the late Virgil Abloh. And who knows how much we will find other hits on his ninth and new album.

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