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Since December 1, the drug price lists received by pharmacies in various provinces have increased by an average of 40%, but some pharmacies have experienced a month-on-month increase of as high as 98%, that is, compared with November. That month, the average increase has reached 27%.

Last month, the administration, which ends its term on December 10, asked foreign and national laboratories to cancel drug price increases of an average of 12% that they applied for in the second and 15th weeks of November. Since early last month.

However, the last month of the year saw strong gains. For example, the strongest ones are antibiotics. Two of the prices increased by $2,200 to $5,600 from last month. But prices for drugs that treat chronic conditions such as blood pressure also increased, ranging from $1,120 to $2,300.

The prices of the eight drugs monitored by EL LIBERAL increased by 41% month-on-month, but the average year-on-year increase was 250%.

For example, Amoxydal syrup 500 × 90 ml increased from US$3,027 in November to US$5,213 in December, an increase of US$2,186, equivalent to 72%. This antibiotic is used to treat respiratory, dermatological, otolaryngological, dental, nephrological, genitourinary, gynecological, gastrointestinal and biliary tract infections caused by sensitive bacteria.

Another antibiotic growing strongly is Optamox Duo 1g x 14 units. In this case, November’s price is $5,763 and this month’s price is $11,412. An increase of $5,649, or 98%. This is also a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is indicated for the short-term treatment of bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract (including the nose, throat, and ears), such as tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media, and more.

Meanwhile, blood pressure medications like Losacor 50 x 30 cost more than $10,000. In November, the treatment cost $7,403, but now it costs $10,200. That’s an increase of nearly $2,800, or 37%, in just one month.

Another similar drug, LoTrial 10 x 60, is also up 37%, from $6,165 last month to nearly $8,500 today.

Meanwhile, medications to treat diabetes are also having a strong upward impact. The DBI AP 850 x 30 remedy is up 32%, from $3,486 to $4,610. Another similar drug, such as Euglucon x 30, increased its price by 58% from $2,671 to $4,231. Also calculated on a monthly basis.

Among them, the two products with the smallest increase were Bupi Acid Syrup x 110ml, which rose from US$1,650 to US$1,786, an increase of approximately US$137, or 8.3%. The remaining one is the Actron 600 x10 device, which has increased in price from $2,613 to $2,875 starting this month. The increase is close to 10%.

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