LeBron James hits the impossible 360-degree shot the entire NBA is talking about in Lakers win

LeBron James’ NBA scoring highlights

LeBron James In victory over Lakers, he once again became the protagonist of NBA houston rockets 107-97.experienced player 38 years oldTurning 39 in 27 days, he scored two goals for his globe-trotting side What a performance he gave.

The clock showed there was one minute left in the second quarter. Until then, Los Angeles won 58-43 Compared to the game in Houston, no one in the Crypto.com Arena could have imagined what the leading scorer in the history of the game would do.

king He entered the doubles zone from left and spun away from Tari Eason, Evaded Jeff Green’s block with a stunning turn On his own axis and height, he finally put the ball into the basket and gave his team two more points before collapsing on the court.

The reaction around the venue said it all.surprised gesture Christian Wood, Jason Hayes and his other colleagues on the bench. No one believed what the 38-year-old player, who weighed 113 kilograms and was 2.06 meters tall, had just done. Even he couldn’t believe it. He stood up from the floor. He celebrated by placing his fingers near his temples.making gestures like he was crazy.

LeBron James was the protagonist of Lakers victory (Efe)

Social networks were quick to respond to what happened, and the official NBA account also reported on it: “LeBron is still doing this at almost 39 years old It’s already Season 21, what kind of joke is this? ” asked one netizen. “He just did a 360-degree spin in the air and scored. “This crazy guy turns 39 this month,” another recalled. "At 38, he’s always surprising," said a third person.

james He scored 14 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists At halftime, Los Angeles led Houston 60-44. The league’s all-time scoring leader, and most recently the new all-time minutes leader, continues to prove why he’s one of the best players in history.

As for the Rockets, Anthony Davis scored 16 points Austin Reaves, who came off the bench, also reached double digits in total points.

It’s worth noting that LeBron’s performance is good news for both him and his son, as it was recently revealed that Bronny James gets doctor’s approval to return to full sports activity He will return to practice next week with his college team, the USC Trojans, after suffering a heart issue in July.

The 19-year-old Final inspection will be done this week According to US media reports, James’ family expects that he will compete again soon after resuming training.: “The James family would like to express their gratitude to the incredible medical teamthe USC community, and especially the love and support of countless friends, family, and fans,” they said in a statement.

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