Dua Lipa: birthday video released in Ibiza

Dua Lipa especially loves Ibiza. After a summer tour of Europe so strong that her fans ironically declare that she has no home, the pop star Dance all night long she returned to the Balearic Islands for a special occasion, just like last year.

Birthday in Ibiza (and this is not the first time)

In the last few weeks she has traveled to Greece, Italy, Albania (her family’s land, even if she was born in London) and so on and so forth, but Dua Lipa always chooses Ibiza to celebrate her birthday. On August 22, 2023, he committed 28 years, and celebrated them by the pool, in great company. He did the same in 2022, but the guests were different then.

With family, friends and a new boyfriend

With my sister Rina and brother gjindesigner Simon Port Jacquemus and, of course, a 42-year-old boyfriend Romain Gavras, French director. They started dating in March 2023 and made their official debut at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Now they are almost inseparable and spent the whole summer together.

wild party

Forbidden cakes and candles, green light for toasts, shots and wild dances lit with red lights. Birthday Dua Lipa it’s in style year 2000 – the birthday girl wears a Gucci bralette, lilac baggy trousers, red leggings paired with tight sunglasses and eye-catching jewelry – and it goes on all night.

hangover remedies

So much so that the next morning Dua Lipa and his guests choose whether to take a dip in the pool or eat ice cream, a kind of cold panj (the last wellness trends among the stars) to recover from a hangover. All of this is, of course, documented on Instagram. Who knows if Dua will return to the studio after the summer to make Della? new music. In the meantime, best wishes to her, who knows how to have fun in the company!


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