Dua Lipa charms in Milan: fans are delighted

Anglo-Albanian pop star Dua Lipa is gorgeous as always. Passing through Italy, he struck everyone with his elegance.

Without a shadow of a doubt Dua Lipa is currently one of pop stars most successful international Young Londoner singer has a grandiose and at the same time absolutely deserved success.

dua lipa dress
Dua Lipa is sexy and elegant as always (Ansa) – Calciomercatotv.it

In addition to her amazing singing and stage skills, Dua Lipa she is also an exhilarating mediterranean beauty, with her dark and very straight hair, sweet face and athletic and perfect physique just like a real one. supermodel. It is no coincidence that, in addition to singing, the young woman entered the world of fashion as a reputation for various luxury brands.

Also in recent days, she starred in the film Barbie, which is a huge success and planetary feedback. Dua Lipa is also one of the authors of the soundtrack for the film dedicated to the famous doll Mattel and advertises its release around the world.

Dua Lipa in Milan: spectacular outfit and passion for … pistachios!

But now it’s time for rest and summer vacation for Dua Lipa. In fact, the pop star of Albanian origin has returned to his homeland in anticipation of the next tours and concerts to spend a few days on Adriatic Sea Balkan Peninsula.

But first Dua Lipathrough Instagram, witnessed the passage to Italy, where he has many admirers. The singer born in 1995 is immortalized in Milan, on a warm summer evening, probably for some social event. In fact, on social media, she posted several photos of herself in a beautiful long summer dress with a super low back neckline.

dua lipa milan
Dua Lipa in Milan with good ice cream (Instagram) – Calciomercatotv.it

Beautiful and glamorous as always Dua Lipa also showed his passion: what for salted pistachio ice cream. In fact, she appeared in the photos ready to eat an ice cream cone, which, as the caption says, only lasted a good 30 seconds. In a word, Dua Lipa certainly loves Italy for its fashion, as well as for the delicious delicacies that can only be found in our country.

Was born in London from Kosovo Albanian parents, Dua Lipa he is completely bilingual. One of the many virtues and virtues of the pop star who recently revealed her relationship with the French-Greek director. Romain Gavras. Who has a weakness for Albanian singers, given that before Lipa he had a history with Rita nowanother star of Pristina’s local music.

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