Dua Lipa sued again for ‘levitation’

Dua Lipa and Warner Music Group are facing yet another copyright infringement lawsuit. Levitation. This time from a music producer who claims he never gave the star permission to use his “talking box” recording in the remixed versions of the song.

In a lawsuit filed on Monday, July 31 in federal court, Bosco Kante alleges that he created the so-called Talk Box track for use in the original Due Lipa version of the song. But what are the creators Levitation they didn’t have the right to use it on later remixes like the even more popular version with DaBaby.

“The plaintiff repeatedly tried to resolve the issue without going to court with Due Lipa. Such attempts have failed due to an unwillingness to cooperate or take responsibility for this egregious copyright infringement,” Kante’s lawyers wrote.

Who is Bosco Kante

Kante calls himself one of the best talk box artists in the world. A device with a long history that allows musicians to apply vocal sounds to instrument sounds. After talking to Kanye West and Big Boy, Kante founded a company called ElectroSpit in 2014 to sell his own digital version of the device.

In this week’s lawsuit, Kante says he was approached in 2014 by Steven Kozmeniuk, one of the producers Levitationto create a talk box to include in the Due Lipa song. He says he did it later and reached a verbal agreement to use the song. But Kante claims that the deal clearly didn’t extend to any other remixes other than the original. This means that Due Lipa and Warner Music were not allowed to use it in the DaBaby remix. No other version Blessed Madonna with Madonna and Missy Elliott.

“All three remixes contain a greater amount of the plaintiff’s work than the original release,” Kante’s attorneys continue. “The Defendants have not requested or received any permission or permission to use the composition or sound recording of the Plaintiff’s work.”

The new case is the third copyright lawsuit filed against Due Lipa for Levitation. In March 2022, Florida reggae band Artikal Sound System claimed that Due Lipa stole the song’s middle hook from their lesser-known 2017 track. Live your own life. A few days later, writers L. Russell Brown and Sandy Linzer accused Lipa of borrowing the melody of their tune from their 1979 song. Jiggle and giggle all night and since 1980 Don Diablo.

However, in June Artikal Sound System dropped the lawsuit just days after a federal judge ruled that there was no indication that anyone was involved in the creation Levitation had “access” to the previous song. A basic requirement in any copyright claim.

The lawsuit filed by Brown and Linzer is still pending. But she faces a similar argument from Dua Lipa’s lawyers, who claim the pop star “never heard” the two songs she allegedly copied.

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