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New single from the artist on major digital stores and radio.

“Non M’Importa”, the new single from eclectic artist Tommy Rosa, is out on major digital stores and from August 4 on radio as part of a national promotion. “Non M’Importa” is a fresh and summery reggaeton song that tells what summer 2023 is like for the artist, how he would like to see it and how he lives it. It is a hymn to summer in general and an invitation to live it in the name of carelessness and fun, as if nothing else mattered.

This is the first commercial song I’ve made and I made it to fulfill the countless requests I’ve received since I started making music to satisfy those of you who have been asking me for a “dance” and easy to listen piece ( as if they weren’t enough). I took it as a challenge and an opportunity to experiment and explore a genre of music that is not particularly close to me, but which intrigues me. I hesitated whether to release it or not, prioritizing the other finished songs in the lineup (this one wasn’t ready), but in the end you convinced me, even if I felt I should clarify my stance on publicity in the final critique of rap. Is this a contradiction? Maybe… In the meantime, get ready to dance.Tommy Rose

Artist’s story

My name is Thomas Rosati, aka Tommy Rosa, and I have always been passionate about music. Until the age of 10, not being able to compose and record songs already conceived, I recorded drafts on my mother’s phone or took a few tracks from YouTube and improvised. At the age of 10 I was presented with the first iPad, I discovered “Garageband” and started releasing my first songs, first dozens, then hundreds, but having neither the means nor the opportunity to record them in high quality, over time they accumulated, and I have yet to have them dispose of. In my second year of high school, I ended up in a class with Diego Montini, a boy who plays the piano, and we decided to team up to form the musical duo PolterGuys, born September 7, 2020 with the release of the album. album “Carta Straccia” (first edition) with the sole purpose of trying. Since then, I started singing (2 years: 2020/2021 and 2021/2022) and publishing with Diego first the basics (3 then taken from the venues) and then real songs, starting with “Sopra I Poster” and later “Affare Fatto” (during which the name PolterGuys was born). However, we decided to remove the album from all platforms in order to perfect it, and with the release of the second version of this on December 2, 2022, the duo disbanded and we created our own, giving the album symbolic value at the beginning and end at the same time. The genre I mostly do is pop rap, but I like to experiment. My main influences are Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Chris Brown.








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