Duran Duran, collaboration with Victoria De Angelis on new album

It will be released October 27th. dance of Deathnew album Duran Duran13 tracks, including several covers featuring collaborations with Victoria DeAngelisband bassist Maneskins.

Three unreleased songs are title songs. dance of Death AND black moonlight AND Confession in the afterlifewhile other songs on the tracklist will include covers by potentially unworldly artists. Duran Duran, How Billie Eilish, Talking Heads, Rolling Stones AND Special.

On the disk, while you can order only in Great BritainV USA And in Canadathere will be new versions of the English band’s classics.

There are rumors among the guests that there are Nile Rogers, having worked with a group in the past Simon Le Bonbut also former members Duran Duran Andy Taylor AND Warren Cuccurullo.

Also of great interest is the creative contribution of bassist Day Maneskin Victoria De Angelis. What song will show his unmistakable touch?

This is the full tracklist of the project, the release of which we still have to wait a couple of months.

  1. night boat
  2. black moonlight
  3. voodoo love
  4. Bury a friend
  5. supernatural creatures
  6. dance of Death
  7. Secret October 31
  8. ghost town
  9. Paint it black
  10. Super lonely freak
  11. enchanted
  12. Psychopath killer
  13. Confession in the afterlife

Duran Duran Victoria

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