Dwayne Johnson surprises waiter for 11-year-old fan with cancer

Rock invited the Perrone family to lunch at a hotel in Los Angeles to surprise little Luna, who is battling cancer.

Eat Dwayne Johnson an entertainment king who once ruled the ring as a wrestler and now boasts a strong stage presence on film sets. Then there is Dwayne Johnson A King Midas entrepreneur who forges fruitful partnerships with sportswear brands, acquires the XFL and builds alcohol and energy drink empires. In anticipation of someone who may one day run for President of the United States, there are also Dwayne Johnson who uses his fame to do good. And it’s all Dwayne Johnson which we like the most.

He definitely lacks charisma, as well as motivation to achieve the goals that he sets for himself. With 387 million Instagram followers and celebrity status, he manages to communicate directly without being arrogant but always putting himself on the same level with his fans. Having spent a restless and poor youth, Johnson he knows well what values ​​to attach to family, work and relationships with people. He has been sweating profusely to be where he is now, and he is aware of the gratitude he owes to himself and to those he has met along the way.

Gratitude for what he owns today, and the luck he knows he had, allows him to bring some joy back to those in need, like the time he gave his pickup truck to someone in the citizen community, who showed great generosity towards others. This time, Rock wanted to meet a special fan in person.

Dwayne Johnson and meeting a little girl Luna Perrone

Luna Perrone is the name of an 11-year-old American girl who was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2021. After a year of chemotherapy, the girl had a relapse. Along with her parents, Luna began documenting the course of her illness on social media to offer support to children who are in the same health condition as her. On the wish list he shared with everyone was meeting The Rock live. After two years, finally Dwayne Johnson he managed to arrange a meeting, taking Luna, her brothers, mom and dad to Los Angeles.

Dwayne Johnson wrote about this in a video post, which you can see below.
Finally, a special day comes, a meeting with the brave girl Luna Perrone. Luna is an incredibly inspiring girl who has been battling cancer for several years now. She is my biggest fan and has always wanted to meet me. Together with my team, I gave Luna a pleasant surprise in one of my favorite places in the Bel Air Hotel.
Luna thinks she’s having a dinner “arranged by the Rock” since, unfortunately, “The Rock is out of town”. I’ve had many jobs in my life, but being a waiter at Luna’s can be the coolest. She was in shock and admiration. What an amazing moment, I’m honored to finally meet the moon!
They say it’s best not to date your characters because you might get disappointed. Well, I met my heroine and she was amazing! Be strong, Luna, we are all rooting for you!
With love, DJ
Such things will always always be the best part of the glory.

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