Dybala reveals how much Mourinho likes Messi and answers intimate question: ‘The transfer has arrived’

The Argentine team trains at the facility Lionel Andres Messi Ezeisa faces double dates South American Qualifierswhich will start with the classic showdown Uruguay Thursday at Candy Box and will continue on Tuesday maracana Whereas Brazil. After practice, Paulo Dybala He spoke to the media in attendance and stressed his joy at being back on the roster after recovering from the injury that sidelined him for the previous four days.

“I’m happy to be back. When we arrived on the plane together, I told Lea (Paredes) that it was great that I was here. I didn’t play in the last call-up due to injury, but I was able to return in the end. “I’m in good shape physically and I’m recovering well from a terrible injury.”commented the Laguna Laga-born football player.

player’s Rome The Portuguese from Italy expressed his delight at returning to the pitch to share two new matches with his fellow world champions and revealed his coach the Portuguese Jose Mourinho, has special feelings for Argentine football players. “He admires us a lot because we work with him, but also with everyone, including Gio (Lo Celso), Angelito (Di Maria) Leo (Messi) loves him too. Say good things to everyone. He loves us Argentines very much because we perform well in his team,” he said at the scene.

Regarding the absence due to muscle injury last time Dybala In the final moments of the games against Paraguay and Peru, the player from Córdoba said that “it is very difficult not to be here because of how great we are and how good the team is” but also because of how difficult it is. . It’s about belonging to a team full of characters. “You can’t relax here”he warned.

this gem He also couldn’t avoid personal issues. After remembering his proposal to his girlfriend, he smiled shyly. Oriana Sabatiniat the Trevi Fountain. “Is this your last game as a single?””, Rama Pantolotto Consulting. “Maybe, now I’m going to the other side (married person). “Pickup is here”replied.

In itself, Leandro Paredes He also gave his testimony and shared Dybala’s thoughts on Mourinho. “I’m very happy at Roma, with a coach who gave me confidence when I arrived to play every game. He always pays attention to our choices and likes to observe us.”

Furthermore, the midfielder stated that the captain, Lionel Messihe was 100 percent, he talked to his friends, Neymar, who is recovering from a serious knee injury. Regarding the games against Uruguay and Brazil, wall He feels that no matter what records may be broken, Argentina will be prepared in the same way to “achieve important results and continue to have a winning mentality.”

Giovanni Lo Celso He also attended the press conference and, like his colleagues, showed a good image. “Arriving in this country and staying in this land is a magical thing and enjoyable from start to finish. We represent the world champions with our commitment. You have to enjoy it,” said the man from Rosario.

As for his next opponent, the midfielder, who missed the Qatar World Cup due to injury, stressed Uruguay of Marcelo Bielsa Because of his offensive proposals. “They have a new coach and senior vertical players who can hurt you. We have to find space with the ball. They play man-to-man defense a lot and make it difficult for you, but with just two or three touches we can Wreck the defense. They put in a lot of effort, but we want to bring joy to people at the end of the year,” he said.

As for your friends Angel Di Maria As well as a possible return to Rosario Central when his relationship with Benfica ends, Lo Celso is afraid to reveal details. “We’re not talking about Central, that’s more speculation than what’s being talked about internally. He looks good, enjoying himself, has a smile on his face and you have to enjoy how much he wants to play and we know he Everything he fought to get here and what he represents for the team as a person and as a player,” he concluded.

Giovanni Lo Celso takes the mark against Alexis MacAllister during national team training in Ezeiza (Reuters/Augustin Markarian)

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