Grand Princess: Coronavirus outbreak, changing passengers before docking in Napier

A large cruise ship that has experienced a severe Covid-19 and gastroenteritis outbreak will welcome new passengers when it visits Napier.

The Grand Princess, which can accommodate 3,100 passengers, was reportedly dealing with coronavirus and gastrointestinal illness outbreaks during its cruise around Australia last weekend.

The ship arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday, ending a short voyage after a 14-night voyage was reportedly marred by illness.

The giant ship, operated by Princess Cruises, is scheduled to arrive at the Port of Napier next Wednesday as part of a New Zealand cruise.


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The Port of Napier welcomed its first cruise ship of the season on Tuesday, which will be the first major cruise ship to arrive during the 2023/24 summer cruise season.

princess cruise awning Hawke’s Bay today The upcoming cruise to New Zealand is a brand new cruise and will welcome new guests.

Princess Cruises confirmed the cruise ship is currently docked in Melbourne after a four-night cruise to South Australia and will soon embark on a new voyage with new guests.

As the cruise ship prepares to embark on a 14-night voyage from New Zealand, there are no cases of coronavirus or gastroenteritis on board.


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The company’s policy is that any guest with symptoms of respiratory illness or acute gastrointestinal illness should be quarantined in their cabin until they are no longer contagious.

A spokesman for the Port of Napier said New Zealand’s Ministry of Health was responsible for approving each ship to enter the port “based on appropriate health documentation”.

“Specifically, the master must inform Te Whatu Ora if any notifiable communicable disease, including Covid-19, is present on board.

“In light of New Zealand’s lifting of restrictions, each cruise line has developed its own set of Covid-19 guest protocols.”

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