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This time, the key games of the week are European races with fewer stages

this european competition The club is so exciting, it’s a shame once it’s taken off. Fortunately, the Champions League, Europa League and company return this week. In EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team, it translates to the new SBC key encounter.As always, these template creation challenges should be completed as they provide prosperous profits. We offer you the cheapest solution.

DCP UEFA key schedule (10/23)

This team building challenge ends next Monday. October 30, 2023 7:00 pm (Spanish Peninsula Time), by Two situations Has the following requirements and rewards:





Inter Milan VS.red bull salzburg

  • exchange template Based on Inter Milan vs Red Bull Inter Milan Salzburg.
  • 11 players from Inter Milan or Red Bull Salzburg: at least 1
  • Countries/regions: up to 4
  • Players from the same league: at least 3
  • Top 11 Unique Players: At least 1
  • Average OVR is 11: Minimum 75
  • Chemistry total score: at least 22

Small top gold football player envelope.

Newcastle VS Newcastle Borussia Dortmund

  • exchange template Based on Newcastle vs. Borussia Dortmund.
  • Newcastle United or Borussia Dortmund players in the last 11: at least 2
  • Clubs: at least 3
  • Players from the same country: up to 4
  • Top 11 Unique Players: At least 1
  • Average OVR is 11: Minimum 77
  • Chemistry total score: at least 26

Electro Prime Football Player Bag

*Additionally, if we complete the SBC, we will also get a unique mixed bag of football players.

Inter Milan vs. Scenario Solution SBC RB Salzburg Main Schedule from UEFA (10/23)

The easiest way to get all the requirements of this scenario at a very low price is very simple, since we have the option to build a full team of 200 coin players (for the most part). There are also some 500 to 650 coins.The total cost of the equipment is only equivalent to There are 4,050 gold coins on the console and 7,000 gold coins on PC.

Solutions for Newcastle United vs. Borussia Dortmund SBC UEFA Main Schedule (10/23)

For the second (and last) scenario, the most economical solution has a feature that, if we play with it, is somewhat cheaper than the first one. personal computer. On consoles, the cost is pretty much the same as before. Actually, We only need to spend 800 to 900 gold coins to buy a few players, as the rest are between 300 and 550 coins.The total cost of the equipment will be 5,150 coins There are 6,600 coins on consoles and 6,600 coins on compatible consoles.

is it worth it Important encounters with SBC from UEFA (10/23)?

Considering that the total cost of both scenarios does not even reach 10,000 gold coins, Add in the fact that the rewards are more than double the price (the Electro Prime Footballers pack alone costs 20,000 gold coins), and there’s no doubt about it. Plus, this is the first SBC encounter, and there are only two scenarios, so you have to make the most of it.If you don’t want to spend a penny, you can throw away your.

Likewise, we cannot rule out that, with the envelope given to us by the DCP itself, we will have to Players with higher value Than the cost of the challenge. Or, at least the group of football players we have. Another critical encounter with SBC They are still very worth it.

On the other hand, remember that we will be following all the news about EA Sports FC 24 regularly. The first FIFA without a FIFA license, but equally exciting. If you want more gaming guides, remember that we have published a complete gaming guide. Supports ultimate team and single player modes.

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