Ed Sheeran played his own tune in his backyard


The artist states that “people think it is very rare and very painful, but all the friends who died had no will and would have known what to do.” So I decided to build a cabinet at home.

Ed SheeranThe British singer, songwriter and musician said that although he had problems with part of his family and had to deal with the negative feelings of his elders, he had a place reserved for the day of his failure.

I would prefer to call it a head rather than a cabinet. It is located on the patio of your home and has an altar, benches and seating for 24 people.

The crypt measures 3 by 2 meters, and although experts on the topic say that this space is enough for the entrance of two bodies, the singer spoke only about this and the need that he felt, he had to leave fully prepared when the moment came.

In addition, the structure has a tower, which can be reached via a large staircase.

Sheeran described that he was alone “a warrior who buries himself in the ground with a small stone on top, so that when the day comes and he dies, I can enter there.”

The British artist assured that “People think it’s very rare and very painful, but all your friends died and they didn’t have a will and no one knew what to do.”

During construction, AND I decided that I wanted this to be my final destination.

Permission to dig a crypt in the garden will start in 2019 and they will have to convince their neighbors, but finally I can start building there. August this year.

Ed Sheeran lives in a mansion located there Framlingham, Suffolk. The property where the singer and his wife now live Cherry Seaborn and above the two hijjas, among other amenities, there is a lake, a forest, a pub with a cinema and a recording studio.

While he hopes his friends will come to him to record it, he has also used the space to bring his friends closer to him.

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