Ed Sheeran talks about the tomb: Ko Pride Ta dan, Bom šel Tja

Ed Sheeran was just before the hour of the request for satisfaction, but if he was in England, he would have protected her for the last time, perhaps, at home, but under him he had fenced her with a tomb. As soon as I saw the interview for the GQ review, here is the article in the magazine where the title comes from. 32-year-old I told you that you thought about the fact that he was dug there, morning shele, and that it was light finished.

Ed Sheeran I don’t care about the time, so if you want you can post it at the last minute. The action of this story takes place in England, after a 32-year-old 32-year-old nickname asked for gradbeno contentment behind the tomb, so they put him under capelo, and so he stood on an unexpected visit. I defamed the cat The keeperat the beginning of 2019 the number of votes will be “remembered by counting in the prayer” and you will be able to see Suffolk, where 4.2 million euros.

Ed Sheeran bo smrti dug on last visit.PHOTO: Profimedia

“Tega did not name the tomb,” I told you about GQ in addition, from the heat in the eyelash for a drop. Great people in Edove are alive, they died like that, je bilo upepeljenih, sam pa si je zzhelel kraj, kjer bi lahko za njimi zhaloval. If you want you to do this, you must keep some events in mind when you are on site.

Ed Sheeran asks you to find out the best story you can find in the book.


Ed Sheeran asks you to find out the best story you can find in the book.

Rekel: “To je luknja, ki je izkopana v zemljo z malo kamna nad njo, tako da kadar koli Pride dan in umrem, grem tja. , and what a story.”

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