“The flu is coming, you have to get vaccinated, and COVID-19 continues to mutate.”

2023/2024 Influenza and Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign start This Monday all over Andalusia. it will One week later than last year and staggered, allowing for a scheduled calendar based on risk groups, as has happened in recent years. As far as the province of Cadiz is concerned, The first batch of doses is 220,872 doses, According to data provided by the Territory’s Health Mission, the numbers are exactly the same as those from the previous campaign. Data broken down by region is not yet available.

From this day on, Six nursing homes and 11 disability centers in Jerez will start double vaccination, Health centers have been organized with these centers last week and will also be used Vaccinate your employees on site. This preferential group also includes the general population aged 85 or older, who have been accepting appointments since Friday. According to the latest activity data, which the SAS will update in the coming days, there are 9,367 people over the age of 80 in the Jerez, Northwest Coast and Sierra de Cadiz health zones.

Starting from October 16th, will receive vFlu and Covid-19 vaccinations for people aged over 70, children 6 months or older, adults with high-risk medical conditions, highly dependent people and their professional carers, and pregnant women. From the same date, children aged 6 to 59 months (inclusive) will also receive the flu vaccine, a major new initiative last year. “We repeat that we want to expand coverage,” Jesús Bernal, deputy director of nursing at the health district, told Informia magazine. To this end, health centers will once again “actively recruit” reference nurses to “promote vaccination for children in this age group”, as well as new childcare nurses who will work directly with pediatric quotas to encourage children to be vaccinated. Families immunize children of these ages. This year’s goal is to “advance” coverage, Last year the regional level remained at 46%. The next phase will begin on October 30. From now on, people over 60 will receive double vaccination.

it’s coming Another novelty is that the starting age has been lowered, starting from 65 years. Bernal clarified that the main reason is to “unify the age limit for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.” From now on, other professional groups will also be immunized, such as security forces, farm workers, ranchers or veterinarians, as well as staff in prison institutions. The final phase will begin in December, when people whose homes are 60 or older or in high-risk groups will receive dual vaccinations.The World Health Organization (WHO) considers your suggestionsThe best results of the campaign were when more than 75% of the over-65s were vaccinated, This is the goal set by the Jerez-Northwest Coast-Cadiz Mountains Health District.

They will do this using a similar strategy to last year, “flexibly scheduling during morning and afternoon shifts and calling people in so they can make their own appointments and actively recruiting as they go.” “The Bells “.They had no data on the area, although they knew In some health centers such as La Milagrosa or Trebuena, that goal has been achieved. At the Andalusian level, this proportion reaches 70%.

The call is clear: “The flu is coming, get vaccinated. We’ve had the hottest September in years, but you have to get your flu shot.” Now the event is coming, no matter how hot the weather is,” stressed the Deputy Director of Nursing. Likewise, he also advised Don’t let down your guard against coronavirus and get vaccinated.we can notice tirednessbut there will also be many people who insist that immunity is necessary (The vaccine includes the variant currently dominant in the country, Ómicron XBB.1.5). We must not forget the “dramatic” numbers of the first and second waves and remember how hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths have decreased since vaccinations were administered. “We must also continue to be vaccinated to avoid the persistence of COVID-19 and its consequences. There are things we forget because we are enjoying the beach, concerts, but this is thanks to vaccination. We must realize that the virus exists and continues to mutate. “We must vaccinate our elders and protect them.”

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