Ed Sheeran’s trendy bar is £1m in debt four years after opening

Ed Sheeran has increased the bar tab at his trendy eatery.

London eatery star Bertie Blossoms is £1 million in debt. He opened the bar on London’s Portobello Road in 2019 but was then forced to close due to the pandemic. That Dive Bar Portobello Ltd, which he founded with manager Stuart Camp to run the pub, has just filed its 2022 annual report.

It shows total debt is £1m – up from £887,045 in 2021. Books sent to Companies House this week show the firm employs six people – up from 10 in 2020. Ed was forced to close the place just a few months after opening its doors. customers in a brilliant launch.

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Sheeran, who is worth £300million, paid £1.5million for the Notting Hill restaurant and refused to sack his team, instead insisting that their wages be covered during lockdown. The singer has been keeping customers interested in his new venture by opening a weekly wine club so fans can try his favorite supermarket tipple during lockdown.

Ed Sheeran’s net worth is estimated at £300 million.(Image: Getty Images)

The singing star loves to show off, and Bertie Blossoms has expensive booze costing up to £125 a bottle. But since the trendy establishment closed due to the pandemic, his restaurant’s Instagram page recommended a cheaper, high-end wine.

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