Edomex will donate 2,000 pesos to orphans due to covid-19 | Mexico Newscast

The Mexican State System of Integrated Family Development (differential finite element method) issued operating rules for the protection program for girls, boys and youth in orphanages due to covid-19, providing up to 12 items of monetary support for children 2 thousand pesoseach one, to those who have lost a parent, mother, or guardian to this disease.

An agreement signed by the Secretary of the Council and the Director of the System, Miguel Angel Torres Cabello It is determined that the program is of State origin and is intended to benefit persons under the age of 18, residents of the entity, who are placed in parental, parental, parental, or guardian orphanages as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 19.

this priority criteria, The document states that they are intended for those with disabilities, people who speak Aboriginal languages, people who have lost their parents, people with chronic degenerative diseases, victims or victims of crime, refugees or people in the context of international population movement. of.

How to request support for orphans due to covid-19 in Edomex?

Applicants seeking entry into the program may submit their register via the internet Or directly with a child protection attorney, the process is free. There, compliance with the requirements will be reviewed and verified. Require to determine whether the person is a beneficiary of the budget line.

Entrants will have the right to support with shipping methods and programs, retention and privacy of personal information; to be treated with respect, equality and based on the right to non-discrimination; and in turn, they have an obligation to provide truthful socioeconomic information If necessary, report the loss or damage of the card, let them know if they are the beneficiary of any other federal, state or municipal programs, and use props for the purposes for which they were granted.

if you don’t follow the rules operating rules Those who do not go to pick up the delivery tools in person without justified reasons and carry out missionary activities with the support of the plan will be given a leave of absence.

There will be a temporarily closed, But if you change address outside the entity, voluntarily relinquish support, the person dies, it will be a permanent leave beneficiary or change the delivery method.

The beneficiary will graduate at the age of 18 or at the end of the graduation period program. DIFEM will issue appeals under these rules in the coming days. In addition to being audited, the operation of the program will be subject to external evaluation, control and monitoring It is under the responsibility of the Mexican State Higher Supervisory Agency.

Covid-19 Cases in Mexico

According to the data released by the General Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, from February 27, 2020 to December 31, 2022, a total of 7,000,261,978 cases confirmed covid-19, of which 718,00263 correspond to state of mexico; meanwhile, the national death toll stood at 331,257, with 4,990 of them in the state of Mexico.

Vital statistics from Inegi Statistics Department, March 2020-December 2021, State of Mexico, 37,000 dead 513 Of these, 15,00,243, or 40.6%, were due to pneumonia due to respiratory illness.

The National Population Registry and Inegi published a document titled “Excessive mortality from all causes during the Covid-19 emergency in Mexico 2020-2022”, which details death toll The impact of the current outbreak is bigger than reported Directorate General of Epidemiologyas the cumulative death toll in the state of Mexico was 334,736, an increase of 70.2%.


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