“We were lazy.” When is it coming out and what do we know about Hackney Diamonds?

Hackney Diamonds, the new Rolling Stones album and the first in 18 years of the legendary band, which has been on hiatus for more than six decades, will be released on October 20. They have it…




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It will be released on October 20 Hackney Diamondsnew album Rolling Stones and the first in 18 years for the legendary band, which has been in existence for over six decades. They announced it at the Hackney Empire, a historic theater in East London’s hippest district. Mick Jagger, Ronnie Woods AND Keith Richardsas always stainless in a YouTube conversation with an American comedian Jimmy Fallon. Two of the 12 tracks on the album were recorded in 2019 when the drummer Charlie Watts was still alive: among those “Life Under the Sword” that Jagger identified as having a retro tinge. “The tone is ‘angry’ (angry), but there are also love songs,” Mick, 80, said ahead of the release of Angry, the opening single from the Hackney Diamonds album, in which director François Rousselet’s video features “White Lotus” and “Euphoria” Actress Sidney Sweeney revs on the hood of a red convertible while Mick, Keith and Ronnie in various ages play music on the big billboards that dot Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip.

Rolling Stones release new Hackney Diamonds album: first in 18 years

Hackney Diamonds, what do we know about the new Rolling Stones album

Hackney Diamonds is the band’s 24th studio album and their first since 2005’s A Bigger Bang. Jagger jokingly admitted that “we were lazy”, even despite the fact that, despite their age, all these years the group has almost always been busy on very long “tour” tours. “Live performances are the holy grail for the band, but recording in the studio is the place where we can freely exchange ideas. When it works, it’s great,” Richards, 79, explained. Hackney Empire has received no confirmation of the contributions ex-Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr made to the album, while Wood, 76, the youngest of the group, revealed that Lady Gaga sings on a gospel track called Sweet Sounds. Heavenly and mysteriously also named Stevie Wonder.

On the Hackney Empire stage, three broken crystal chandeliers hint at the origin of the album’s title, produced by 32-year-old Andrew Watt: East London slang for “Hackney diamonds” broken windshield glass»Jagger explained. The album will be the first since Watts’ death in 2021: He is number four and we miss him incredibly.»Richards said, recalling that it was Charlie who recommended the band’s new drummer, Steve Jordan. without his blessing it would be much more difficult to make a decision».

Returning to Hackney Diamonds, once they decided to return to the recording studio, the Stones decided to give themselves a deadline: Finished by Valentine’s Day»Jagger said. So last December they were in the studio, finished 23 tracks in January and mixed them the following month. Fans have been waiting for this moment since 2016 when the band released Blue and Lonesome, featuring a dozen covers of songs from blues artists such as Howlin’ Wolf and Little Walt. In October 2021, Jagger told the Los Angeles Times that Hackey Diamonds would have been out a long time ago if not for the Covid pandemic.

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