El Manzanillo de playa, the fruit of which can lead to death

It is so poisonous that even hiding under a tree on a rainy day can cause eczema and other injuries from skin or eye contact with its sap.

This fearsome tree grows in idyllic landscapes and can reach stunning heights. Its branches sometimes rest on the sand, inviting you to rest on them. Or, if they’re tall, they’ll call you in to keep you in their shade to protect yourself from the rain or the sun. Its roots are buried in the sand, the trunk is sometimes home to the waves of the sea, and the fruit is similar to apples, with a strong aroma and sweet taste.

However, it is one of the least accessible species and has the honor of being registered as the most dangerous tree in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Tasting the fruit of this highly poisonous tree can have dire, even fatal, effects on humans. The latest cases of being affected by the plant were reported on Monday, when two Spanish tourists were hospitalized after trying the fruit in Cartagena, the capital of Colombia’s Bolivar province.

Mancinella is mainly found along the coasts of the Caribbean, Central America, and parts of South America. It usually thrives in mangrove swamps, beaches and coastal forests, becoming an integral part of these ecosystems.

In an agency video posted online, Alvaro Cruz, a doctor at Bolivar’s Emergency Regulatory Center, explained that the fruit that caused the poisoning was green and had a smell and taste similar to an apple. However, its toxins can cause esophageal burns, respiratory edema leading to dyspnea, gastrointestinal bleeding and even death.

If someone is poisoned, various symptoms can occur, such as contact dermatitis, skin blistering, conjunctivitis, blindness for up to three days, and severe gastrointestinal symptoms if ingested. In addition, burning wood can damage the eyes.

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