Elderly people pray for health during 2023 pilgrimage Grupo Milenio

Considering that the statue of Our Lady of Zapopan is quite miraculous, the old man who has accompanied the general to the cathedral for many years made a special request in the 2023 edition to pray for her good health.

They detail that they had an illness or needed rehabilitation in the last yearsince Our Lady of Zapopan was the mother of the Galicians, they hoped that she would grant them miracles.

“Taking my son and granddaughter so that I could walk and help my children, I asked that we not work, of course it was always the case because I remember that I came to Zapopan every year from Obratos, ” said Martha Moreno.

In Mrs. Consuelo’s case, she went on a pilgrimage for the first time, but with faith and above all with the intention of receiving the miracles of the Virgin Mary for healing.

“Of course, yeah, well, to put my disease in remission, I had really bad gastritis, leg after surgery, I had surgery, this is the first year I’ve had the kids since the constitution,” Consuelo commented.

In this way, thousands of Guadalajara people, moved by their faith, accompanied the journey of Our Lady of Zapopan.

Flagellants, an essential part of pilgrimage

An important component that brings life and color to the pilgrimage are the dancers, and among these groups are the whippers, who dress up as clowns, buffoons and devils, holding whips and making shocking sounds that accompany the Virgin The road opens the passage between the Virgin. Pilgrims so that they can reach their home, the Cathedral of Zapopan.

“Our job is very important because without us, the dancers would not be able to drink water, the shoes they wear would be torn and we have to repair them, we have to keep them separate and make sure people don’t get involved,” said the planner of the pilgrimage said Marco Antonio.

Angel, who is only 11 years old, is participating in the pilgrimage for the fourth consecutive year.this time playing the role of a whip, holding a whip made by his father and wearing a plastic tie, the kind used for clotheslines.

As well as opening the space for the dance and preventing pilgrims from entering the procession, they also provide support to the dancers, providing them with water to drink along the way and helping them repair any damage to their clothing and footwear so that they can complete. His journey.

Those described as demons and old men have another role as they represent the evil that accompanies the pilgrims on their walks and their purpose is to distract those who continue the pilgrimage to pray and praise. With the help of whips and tattered and dirty clothes, they threatened and tried to frighten the onlookers who were only focused on observing the pilgrims.


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