Lionel Messi responds to Paraguayan footballer who spat at him: ‘I don’t know who this guy is’

The star got into an argument with a Paraguayan footballer

Lionel Messi played over 40 minutes That’s enough to put him in danger Two shots in the stick, One was after an Olympic goal try and the other was due to a brilliant free-kick. La Pulga also showed his style of football, showing good partnership and even sitting his opponents down after individual actions. However, An unusual situation caught our attention He returns to Argentina’s squad for their third South American qualifying match against Paraguay The attack he received from Antonio Sanabria.

Midway through the second period at Memorial Stadium, paraguayan football playerSubstitute Adam Barreiro got into an argument with Messi in the 24th minute and then He spat out the words as the Argentina captain’s back was turned to him. Although he didn’t notice it at the time, after the game LaPulga became aware of her colleague’s unpleasant behavior and responded to it He expressed this in brief but emphatic fashion during Nicolas Otamendi’s press conference after the 1-0 win.

“The truth is I didn’t see it, they told me in the dressing room One of them spat at me.the truth I don’t even know who this person is. I didn’t see it, they told me later, but I also don’t want to take it seriously because it will go out and be talked about everywhere and worse, it will become so well known that it would be better to leave it there. “expressing the authority of the Argentine captain.

Messi responds to Paraguayan player Sanabria who spat at him

Controversies aside, Lionel Messi talks about his physical condition He emphasized the excellent performance of the Argentine team, especially in the first half, and praised the team’s attitude of always wanting to strive for more.. “I’m happy to be able to increase my minutes and be able to play with the national team. I feel goodI was able to increase training sessions and minutes, I played very little at the club, but today I played again, Gradually I started to feel good. It’s beautiful every time we play at home. “I’m also happy with how the game went.”

“I thought the team did a great job today. Qualifying is always tough and the game against Paraguay was tight and tough. The team played well in the first half and we had many scoring chances but they only scored once. We have great performances and we always try our best to exceed the results and from the games we always try and come up with the same ideas. It was a tough game today with very little space but everything produced a lot. We’ve been doing the same thing for quite some time,” LaPulga said.

Finally, the Argentine captain told how he felt after taking part in the match and mentioned his chances against Peru in Lima. “I took a break and only trained and played for a few minutes. I have been doing what I should do, and I will continue to train and increase my physical fitness in the past few days. Other than a brief pause, I felt pretty good. I feel good, I hope everything goes as it is now, more minutes against Peru, I don’t know if I will start or be a substitute, But the important thing is that I feel good and confident. I was half scared at first, then I just let it go completely. Today I was able to achieve this goal. “

Summary of Argentina’s victory against Paraguay in the South American qualifiers.

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