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Elio Lorenzoni, referred to as the new flame of Belen Rodriguez, he would only be a friend of the Argentine shoirl To affirm this is the director of “Novella 2000” Roberto Alessi who quotes people close to the e cond The journalist bubbles the gossip about an ongoing flirtation between Belen and the motor entrepreneur from Bergamo who attended a family event (the feast for the 31 years of Ignazio Moser, ed.) as a “resounding bale”. ” There is no story at all: it is a friend that Belen has seen for ten years always in the company of other people, ” he says. Hugs and kisses immortalized by the paparazzi “do not count”. “Belen is so, physical, affectionate, he reciprocates, nothing more. In short, the well-informed assure that at the moment ‘Belen is chaste as a lily’, ” he adds.

Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni (Photo ‘Chi’)

For the director of “Novella 2000” between Belen and Stefano is ” final farewell”

Roberto Alessi talks about” final farewell ” between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino. Both ” threw in the towel: it did not work, stop, finished!”. Regarding the alleged betrayals of the Neapolitan conductor of which has often been rumored in the past, the director of “Novella 2000” seems to know a long way thanks to his sources and says: “He is loved and those around him would never dream to flush him out, protect him, protect him. Especially if it is in Campania, where it is adored by anyone”. After the news of the new breakup spread, the journalist had dedicated to the two spouses the cover of the new issue of his magazine entitled: “What’s going on with you guys?”. “Break up? The most wrong thing – he had commented on his Instagram profile-In love you need yes heart, but also head”.

Stefano De Martino (Instagram photo)

Does the Argentine shoirl girl want to “take revenge” on her husband?

Of different opinion compared to the sources cited by the director of ” Novella 2000” it is the weekly “Diplus Tv” according to which Belen Rodriguez would have lost his head for Elio Lorenzoni. The 40-year-old impreditore would be an old acquaintance of his but “only now has the spark started between them. Belen is very taken by Elio, to the point that he has already introduced him not only to his parents and sister Cecilia, but also to his two children, Santiago and Luna Mari”. “Diplus Tv” also reveals that in the TV corridors the malevolent claim the shoirl girl Argentina is “using” Elio Lorenzoni to “take revenge” on her husband guilty of sitting next to Alessia Marcuzzi during the presentation of the Rai schedules without the faith on his finger.

Stefano De Martino and Alessia Marcuzzi (Instagram Photo)

The suspicious song by Belen Rodriguez

Meanwhile, on social media, some strange movements have not escaped both by Belen Rodriguez and by Stefano De Martino. A few days ago, the beautiful Argentina shared some phrases from the song “Rie Cuando Puedas, Llora Cuando Lo Necesites” (“Laugh when you can, cry when you need it”) by El Cho Cho Luis Eduardo Aute: “Is it worth doing what you should? More times than you really want? ( … ) I know that there is always a way out /But knowing that everything will be better / Does not mean that I feel like a piece of wed*a ( … ) Pretend when you know perfectly well that they are lying to you”. It is rumored that this time it was she who broke off with her husband.

Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni (Photo ‘Chi’)

Stefano De Martino replies to his wife?

An Instagram Story by Stefano De Martino also smells of burning bruciato that seems like an answer to his wife’s. The conductor of naples has published a video in which Justin Timberlake sings a cover of “A song for you” Leon Russell, whose words leave no room for interpretations: “T i I treated so rude, but treasure, don’t you see, there is no one more important to you for me (…) I love You, where there is no space or time, you’re the love of my life, you’re my friend.”

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