Priscilla: Everything We Know About Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla Presley Biopic

Let’s take a look at what we know about the biographical film on the life of Priscilla Presley that will be presented at the Venice Film Festival: from the film’s release date to the first teaser trailer reveal.

Priscilla: Everything We Know About Sofia Coppola's Priscilla Presley Biopic

It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that we saw a movie about the life and career of one of the greatest icons in music history, Elvis Presley. It’s only been a year since the theatrical release of Elvis, the rousing biopic of Baz Luhrmann that received eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. However, now there’s another film coming out that will tell another chapter of the same story, albeit from a different perspective: what we’re talking about obviously priscilla,

Cheat: Director Sofia Coppola at Cannes

Cheat: Director Sofia Coppola at Cannes

new movie directed by sofia coppola will tell the story of priscilla presleywho was married king of rock n roll From 1967 to 1973. Ahead of the release of this new film, let us bring you some details about the cast, release date and other essential details. priscilla,

Priscilla: Release date for new biopic on Priscilla Presley

As reported in a CNN article, the film will release in October 2023; However, the film is currently listed among the titles coming in 2023, without any specific date as the official release date is yet to be announced. Thus, we can safely say that the film will hit the theaters more than a year after Elvis, which released in the summer of 2022.

Teaser: A recap of iconic and personal moments

For those who believe it’s too early for another Elvis Presley movie, the trailer is enough to assure fans that the new film won’t be redundant at all: this time, in fact, it will be the story of Priscilla, not Elvis. It’s clear that the film will have a completely different look and tone than Luhrmann’s film, as you can see from the images in the short clip.

The 45-second-long film explores the most important moments of their relationship and their marriage, but will also appeal to those who are curious about Priscilla’s life before she became Presley, thanks to pieces from her family life. ,I was very interested in Priscilla’s story and her perspective on what it’s like to grow up as a teenager in Graceland.Director Sofia Coppola explained the trend,She went through all the typical stages of a young woman in an expanding world, somewhat similar to Marie Antoinette. I was fascinated by the incredible details contained in Priscilla’s memoir, I wanted to try to imagine through her eyes what it must have been like to grow up in that world,

Cast: Kelly Spenny and Jacob Elordi to play Elvis and Priscilla

Pacific Rim - Uprising: Kelly Spenny in a scene from the movie

Pacific Rim – Uprising: Kelly Spenny in a scene from the movie

as reported DiversityThe cast of the biopic will be led by the protagonist cali spanny who made his film debut in 2018 Pacific Rim – Uprising before starring in The Wrath of the Witches, the long-awaited sequel/reboot of the 1996 cult film young witches, The actress has received a lot of appreciation for her performances in films in the past as well. 7 Unknown at El Royale and for the Emmy-winning crime drama title murder in easttown, However, this time we won’t see Austin Butler as “King“: it will be until Jacob Elordi Acting as Elvis. Elordi is a TV veteran best known for playing Nate Jacobs Excitement HBO’s; Among his most famous film credits are the Saga films kissing booth on netflix and horror anthology mortuary collection of 2019.

The film is based on the memoir of Priscilla Presley

The Bling Ring: Sofia Coppola with the young cast of the cast during a photocall at Cannes 2013

The Bling Ring: Sofia Coppola with the young cast of the cast during a photocall at Cannes 2013

The reference material for Priscilla is her autobiography titled elvis and me, co-written with Sandra Harmon and published in 1985. The book is noted for its candid details of the couple’s relationship, such as the fact that their intimacy began only after their marriage. Previously, the memoirs had been adapted into a television film of the same title in 1988, starring soap opera stars Susan Walters and Dale Midkiff. living graveyard of 1989.

As Coppola revealed during the above interview the trendPriscilla, whose daughter Lisa Marie Presley sadly passed away in January, is also involved in the film as an executive producer. This is not his first experience in the world of filmmaking, but has been a major acting career: just remember his famous role a blunt bullet, and its two sequels. She is also the grandmother of acclaimed actress Riley Keough, known for blockbuster films Magic Mike And mad max fury road,

Sofia Coppola: Screenwriter and Director

Venice 2010: Somewhere author Sofia Coppola wins Golden Lion for film

Venice 2010: Somewhere author Sofia Coppola wins Golden Lion for film

As far as Sofia Coppola’s involvement is concerned, the renowned filmmaker has written the screenplay for Priscilla and is currently directing the film. However, some fans of “King” aren’t thrilled with the director’s approach to the film’s script and direction: According to TMZ, Elvis Presley’s estate reportedly panned it, criticizing the design of the Graceland set.TerrifyingFrom “More Wrong, More Film Comparisons”a college movieOf course, the most important opinion in this matter is that of Priscilla Presley, whose position as EP (Executive Producer) is a kind of guarantee in terms of her approval.

Recall that Coppola made his directorial debut in 1999 Garden of the Virgin Suicides and won an Academy Award for the screenplay of his second film, lost in Translation, Some of his best work includes productions such as Bling Ring, the acclaimed 2013 comedy based on a true story, and the Apple TV+ special with Bill Murray and Rashida Jones. on the rocks,

The soundtrack was assigned to a French rock group: Phoenix.


Priscilla’s poster

As you may have noticed, the first teaser for the film doesn’t feature any Elvis songs: well, it looks like the film won’t feature one of his most famous songs either, as the soundtrack was composed by the band Phoenix. The Grammy Award-winning French pop rock group was founded by singer Thomas Mars, who has been married to Coppola since 2011. For this reason, priscilla It’s become a family affair for the director too, even though it’s not his first time: Phoenix Song Title bankruptAlso featured in the previously mentioned official soundtrack bling rings,

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