“Elon Musk asked Amber Heard to dress up for a role play,” and posts the photo on X

On social media, the entrepreneur responded to the controversy surrounding an anecdote in which he asked his ex to dress up as his favorite character from the video game Overwatch, thereby essentially confirming the veracity of the story.

Style drop for Elon Musk. On Twitter/X, the entrepreneur demonstrated little tact towards your ex, Amber Heardwith whom he was in a relationship between 2017 and 2018, sharing photo of the actress in a Mercy costume, a female character from the video game Overwatch, a favorite of Musk. But why post such a shot? The reason lies in the online discussion about an anecdote revealed by Walter Isaacson in the biography of the entrepreneur. However, the journalist also talks about more intimate aspects of the billionaire’s life, including the story with Johnny Depp’s ex-wife. In detail Isaacson said that Musk once told Heard she looked like Mercy, his favorite character from the video game Overwatch. For this reason, the actress devoted herself for two months to “designing and making a head-to-toe costume for be able to role play

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