King Charles III’s son turns 39

Harry, Duke of Sussex, today turns 39 years old. Born in London on September 15, 1984. Second son King Charles and unforgettable Lady Diana It is now certain that he will celebrate away from the royal family, in the company of his wife. Meghan Markle who contacted him from the USA a few days ago in Unconquered Games in Dusseldorf, Germany. The international sporting event, which features war veterans, kicked off on Saturday with a series of competitions from athletics to wheelchair basketball, with a closing ceremony scheduled for tomorrow, September 16, with the pair expected on stage. Harry will blow out candles at a private dinner with Meghan and the team from the Dukes of Sussex’s Archwell Foundation.

For Harry, Unconquered Games which he founded in 2014 is special: he and Megan made their first public debut as a couple at a tournament in Toronto in 2017. Six years later, they are together again at the same sporting event, beaming. Even today, as then, Harry and Meghan receivedwarm greeting from the public. After the concert Beyoncé in Los Angeles, where they literally went crazy dancing together, the couple is back and can be seen together more united than ever, hand in hand at the Merkur Spiel Arena in Düsseldorf. Photos of knowing looks and the most tender gestures between them, taken by photographers and fans, calmed everyone down. voice of crisis.

Return (bitter) to London

Therefore, it is time to celebrate the Duke of Sussex away from home, but do not forget about two sad dates this month for all the British people: 6 Septemberbeloved mother’s funeral day Diana, people’s princess disappeared in a car accident August 31, 1997 at the age of 36 in Paris with his partner Dodi Al-Fayed. 8 September the last one was first anniversary of his death grandmother, with whom Harry was very close, RAegina Elizabethwho died at Balmoral Castle aged 96.September 8, 2022

Harry arrived in the British capital on the eve of the anniversary of the sovereign’s death to take part in a charity event. he didn’t meet any relatives Royal: His father, King Charles III, “didn’t devote time to his diary,” and neither did brother William. His presence was not even required at the dinner in honor of Queen Elizabeth. Harry wanted to pay tribute to his grandmother Elizabeth by bending over single prayer at his grave in St George’s Chapel, Windsor. A gesture that touched the hearts of many.

Tensions with the royal family

Violation rebel prince with the royal family is the answer to provocations and to the blows dealt by the Sussexes in recent years, especially after the unwanted move to the USA where the dukes gave interviews, including the first exclusively to Oprah Winfrey (in which the couple accused the royal family of insensitivity and racism), and created a docuseries for Netflix. The last straw was the release of “Spare – The Minor” at the beginning of the year. controversial biography of Harry, distributed simultaneously around the world, was translated into 16 languages, but was soon “named the most rejected of the summer by the English media.” The second son of Charles and Diana told sensational anecdotes in his 416-page memoirs and was very critical of Windsor.

Fifth in order of succession

Since August, Harry has been referred to only as the Duke of Sussex on the English royal family website. In essence, this is a simple technical update, given that, following the famous Megxit Agreement 2020, The palace already stated then that Harry and Meghan Markle, having retained them, would no longer be able to use their titles of His Royal Highness once they step down as senior members of the royal family. Harry’s qualifications today are as reported in the updated card on family site: “Duke of Sussex fifth in line to the throne and youngest son of the King and Diana, Princess of Wales. He worked in the Armed Forces for ten years. ceased operational duties in 2015. During his years of service, he conducted two operations in Afghanistan as part of the British Army. As announced in January, the Duke and Duchess have stepped back from their duties as senior members of the royal family. They divide their time between the United Kingdom and North America, continuing to fulfill their duty to the King and the Commonwealth.” Next to him is the business card of his wife Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

13th (sad) birthday

Harry’s birthday represents an inevitable and painful event. dive into the past. One episode in particular connects him with his mother Diana. In “The Spare,” the son of King Charles III tells his story. thirteenth birthday, that September 15, 1997 occurred two weeks after tragic death of Lady Diana in Paris. Harry remembers the celebration in his Ludgrove College. He recalls that at that moment he did not want to be with anyone, that he preferred to spend time alone: ​​“I needed space.” He did not tell his comrades about the tragedy that befell him. And they didn’t ask for anything either, perhaps “out of respect.” Harry adds that “the Ludgrove tradition was cake and sherbet and they made me choose two flavours. I took black currants. And mango. Mom’s favorite.”

Then, as he was about to blow out the candles on the cake, thinking that he wished his mother was alive, Aunt Sarah with a box in her hand. He opened it and found game console which he was very passionate about. His aunt told him that Diana bought it for him in Paris before the accident. That was it best gift about Princess Diana for Harry, which they could never reveal together. Committing himself fully to international charity work and continuing the fight started by Lady Diana are the cornerstones of the Duke of Sussex’s plans for the future.

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