Ema Stoholma erases all her tattoos

Among TV presenters Em Stockholm she is one of the most tattooed. However, she more than regrets having those same tattoos. Up to the point of making a radical decision: eliminate them all (or at least as many as possible).

Ema Stokholma’s Repentance

I would like to delete them allbut this is a utopia,” says a former competitor Beijing Express AND Dancing with the Starsmaster today They will be the chefs and from Radio 2 Happy family. To remove them, Aimé Stockholme undergoes painful sessions, which are witnessed on social networks. Cause? Not only does she not like them anymore, but some of these drawings, made when she was very little, are actually causing problems for her. anxiety. So he decided to turn to Dr. Gaspare Reina, a specialist in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine and laser. During one of the removal sessions, the presenter of French origin admitted that the process of disappearing the cross on the left shoulder was decidedly irrelevant. painful. But that won’t stop her. Ema is determined to regain full control over her body and find an image with which she can fully identify.

Not just Em Stoholm: all celebrities regret their tattoos

More and more people, VIPs and non-VIPs alike, are saying they regret their tattoos. Stefano De Martinoa few years ago he removed a large colorful tattoo he had on his right shoulder with his (ex?) wife Belen Rodriguez. Elisabetta Canalis he decided to erase the historic rose crown around his right hand, leaving fans stunned. Not to mention celebrities who have had the wrong tattoos: this has even happened to Jennifer Lawrence, who thought he was carrying the formula for water with him, only to then realize that the number 2 was not where it was supposed to be. Or Demi Lovato, who tattooed her friend’s lips (in a fit of madness) and discovered that her design resembled a female genital organ. Inconvenient, unwanted, or just plain ugly, there are quite a few tattoos you might regret getting. And a laser, while certainly useful, is unlikely to erase ink from the entire body.

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