Emilia travels from Tucumán to Buenos Aires to treat her heart condition

Finally, the one-year-and-one-month-old girl is on her way to Buenos Aires to undergo complex surgery. She will be transferred on a medical plane with her mother.

Photo taken from Facebook of Lourdes Valles.

emilybaby girl tucumana One year and one month later, he will finally travel to Buenos Aires to undergo a complex medical procedure to treat his congenital heart disease. Administration was done through the Ministry of Health, which expedited the process so that he could travel as quickly as possible. his mom, Lourdes BayesIn Manana Tucumán on Wednesday, he told his story and called for unity in Tucuman.

“We’ve had the diagnosis right from the womb. She’s been on different interventions and spent most of her life in a nursing home. For a month we’ve been battling very complicated bilateral pneumonia, which Pneumonia caused her heart to decompensate…’, he recalls. radio.

After this interview, the health department called her with good news. “After receiving news reports this morning, we received a call from the Ministry of Health and everything was expedited. We really appreciate your help,” he said. Lourdes to government media.

Emilia’s admission to a San Lucas nursing home with pneumonia is complicated by sudden cardiac decompensation. Valais said the family doctor told the family his transfer was necessary so they could have a catheterization and, if needed, complex surgery not performed in the province.

The whole problem with moving is the social work the family does, which Lourdes details tucumana They had provided everything needed for the transfer, “we just need their response.” Finally, given the urgency of the case, the Ministry of Health communicated and managed to secure the use of a medical plane for the trip.

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