Emily Ratajkowski in Puma Palermo colorblock sneakers

Emily Ratajkowski Relaunches Puma Palermo Sneakers: Striking Colours, Summer Flavor

Over the past year, we have found that vintage tennis shoes are popular. And much more. After the return of the Samba from adidas originals, dropped in limited edition Gucci and later in many shades, it’s time to re-evaluate the Puma Palermo OG sneakers with Emily Ratajkowski. In fact, the tribute to the Italian city that Vogue Italia featured on the cover in August 2023 is understandable.

But this model is second only to Dua Lipa, who already showed off the OG model at the beginning of the year: this latest summer look is actually a confirmation of those who already felt the sporty vintage trend. The Puma Palermo sneakers were first offered in the 80s, immediately gaining universal recognition, they were part of special series designed to pay homage to some of Europe’s most famous cities. Immediately, local fans put it on to pay tribute to their favorite team. And the new fall comes just on the occasion of another piece of news: Puma returns to Palermo football, precisely thanks to a partnership of many years.

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These Puma Palermo sneakers are part of a new collection. release August, which includes the duotone Light mint-orchid Shadow-Gum AND Silver Sky Cayenne Pepper Gum, both inspired by the colors of the Sicilian island. The design of the retro-inspired athletic shoe remains unchanged, with a T-shaped toe, rubber outsole and gold PUMA branding with a cat logo tag on the heel.

Emily Ratajkowski wears Puma Palermo sneakers for a vintage-inspired colorblock look: pick your style Light mint-orchid Shadow-Gum with a fitted tulle dress studded with rosebuds to match the pink of the lace-up shoes and a mini shopping bag from Loewe.


Emily Ratajkowski Puma Palermo look

Federica Tosi

Federica Tosi

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