Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian with a spider on posters for season 12

The horror series will return to television in the US in September. In Italy, it is available to stream on Disney+.

season 12 American Horror Story finally a date. At least in the USA. FX announced that Delicatenew horror story in the anthology series from Ryan Murphy AND Brad Falchukwill go live on September 20th. Also due to strikes in Hollywood, in particular actors, the season will be divided into two parts, the second of which is expected soon. Meanwhile, the network and streaming service Hulu released the first posters, one for each of the main characters. Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian AND Cara Delevingne.

American Horror Story 12: A Delicate Plot

Two advertisements show Roberts and Kardashian cradling a giant spider like it’s their own pregnant bellies. On the other, Delevingne holds a syringe with the same insidious arachnid inside. The symbolism, including Delevingne’s glasses resembling the many eyes of a spider, is clearly not accidental, but not entirely clear either. American Horror Story: Delicacy the story of Anna (Roberts), a woman who is convinced that someone is trying to stop her from conceiving a child. After unsuccessful IVF attempts, Anna thinks she’s finally pregnant, but she miscarries. At least that’s what his doctor says. Instead, she feels the baby still stirring inside her, but no one wants to believe her, including her husband.

American Horror Story: Delicacy

American Horror Story: Delicacy

The story is based on delicate condition, a new horror novel written by Danielle Valentine, is out of bounds this month. “Essentially, this is a horror novel about pregnancy,” the writer explained. Entertainment Weekly. “Explore not only the real horrific physics of pregnancy, but the detrimental medical psychological manipulation that even today’s highly privileged women experience during pregnancy and the symptoms that we as a culture still don’t talk about for strange reasons. Some describe the book as a contemporary feminist version of Rosemary’s babybut Valentine said: “Actually, I was much more inspired aliens“.

American Horror Story: Delicacy

The rest of the cast includes fellow American Horror Story veterans. Denis O’Hare, Billy Lourd AND Zachary Quintooutside Michaela Jay Rodriguez (Poses), Matt Chukri (Resident), Annabelle Dexter-Jones (succession), Odessa Action (Hellraiser), Julie White (NCIS: Hawaii) AND Debra Monk (New Amsterdam). In Italy it will be offered Disney+.

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